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From "Buy Pat Toomey's Vote" to Nationwide Protests: Communities in Revolt over DeVos


From "Buy Pat Toomey's Vote" to Nationwide Protests: Communities in Revolt over DeVos

Jon Queally, staff writer

How do you defeat an uber-wealthy right-wing ideologue who wants to destroy public education?

With organized communities and people for starters.

And, of course... with money.

"If Betsy DeVos can buy Senator Toomey's vote, we should be allowed to do the same.


I do not want my tax money to go to schools that Proselytize and the government should not be allowed to force me.


When I see such increased public awareness and advocacy for issues, with people bringing their bodies into the streets, I have some hope for the future under this destructive/divisive regime. I only wish this activist groundswell had been involved and active far-longer; that we actually had a media not bought-up and dominated by big-money interests and right-wing bosses. We are a growing movement and force for change!

We have seen many demonstrations over the past few weeks, and fair weather will no-doubt bring-out more millions with a wider demographic, all segments including people that have a harder time getting around in winter; we will join together to support ALL our American/progressive values and issues!

Please don't forget the People's Climate March in DC and other cities around the nation on April 29! This will be a platform for ALL our critical issues and show the strength and solidarity of our movement!

United we may stand, divided we will surely fall!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


DeVos is scum, no doubt.

But where in god's name was this level of "resistance" when it was Arne Duncan's turn to take a wrecking ball to public education in the last regime?

How are we going to get a handle on any of this if we can't get even a slight handle on the insane levels of hyper-partisanship at work?

If you're going to claim an opposition to a thing based on principle, it would help if that principle were applied remotely evenly.

And already the same mistake is being made again, as it was during Bush's reign of error. D good, R bad. As long is this is by far the dominant analytical standard for most activists, this garbage continues.


Given the breadth and vehemence of resistance to DeVos, it's surprising that she hasn't been pulled by the GOP in order to appear reasonable and take pressure off the rest of the nominees. It's just as well, in the long run, that the GOP has no interest in appearing reasonable.


"Appearing unreasonable" was a keystone in King D's campaign strategy.

It is clear that the campaign will extend through Trump's presidency, and likely beyond. He is an entertainer and campaigns are mostly entertainment.

The King's only incentive to pull Betsy Devious' nomination is to expedite Jeff Sessions' AG confirmation seeing how Sessions will no longer be able to provide the deciding vote for Devious once he is AG and no longer in the Senate.

"Appearing unreasonable" every day is the daily raw meat ration the King needs to toss to his base so they keep supporting him.


Then why the surprise?


When you get your time machine working you'll sort it all out. May I suggest your first be to the present.


Trump is not a populist he is an authoritarian playing to the insane fears of everything; people, Muslim, homeless, women, Mexicans, use of taxes for safety nets for the needy, marijuana, same sex marriage, truth on and on. His frightened authoritarian followers will give up freedom and liberty for security and deserve neither, they will even accept Marshal law enforced by the big government they constantly condemn and are afraid of. My father always said these people carry a stick for fear they might shite a mountain lion or wolf. Trump knows fear is the greatest motivator and torture and sociopathy fit his mode of operation and understanding of the power of fear


Sometimes it takes a poke in the eye -- like DeVos -- to wake up one's attention.

Please don't fault those who woke up later than others did.


Almost missed this slipping in Biff's pithy barf again.

My point was that people aren't waking up "late". They're 'waking up' because it's the "enemy" in power. If Obama were still there, nominating Duncan all over again, I'm certain they'd all be asleep still.


Why, of course. If the public gets taken in and screwed by the Dems then it's only 'fair' to the bought and paid for politicos that the public be victimized by the GOP as well. We don't want to appear to be unduly partisan now, do we? After all, none of this is real. It's just a game, isn't it. I mean, outside of the students, teachers, parents, indeed the public at large, outside of those insignificant types, who really gets hurt be this? It's just a game, isn't it.

Two weeks into THIS administration and you still want to play the 'normalizing' game? Repubs ... heads, Dems ... tails. This group is not the lesser of evils. They're the worse of evils. They certainly made quite an effort to demonstrate that. Now you wouldn't want to disappoint them by not noticing all of their efforts, would you? Unless, of course, you're practicing Alternative Logic. Is that what you're doing?


Actually, drone1066 has a very valid point. Arne Duncan WAS a terrible choice for Education secretary. Even Diane Ratvich would have been better, but I'm just a teacher, so who knows? Another part of this argument is that few posters on CD even bother with articles dealing with education. Just as few people in our country care about education issues. Some time ago, I warned people posting here on this site that we would begin to fail in our Resistance when we began the Circular Firing Squads, the bane of the Left.

Do you really want to fire the first shot? Or can we focus on the real questions and unite against the forces of greed and darkness? Hmmm?


I saw people waking up when given a choice between Hillary and Bernie, recognizing the former as 'enemy' to the people she said she wished to represent.

And I see people waking up now to the reality that the 'Trumpians' are even more dangerous.

Neither deserved or deserves support.


Call your Senators, folks...we only need ONE republican to see the correct path on this unqualified person and vote no.


And you want to avoid how we got here because it's inconvenient to your narrative of how this was a clash between good and evil.

And by the way, that's not what the term "normalizing" means. It has nothing to do with the point I made. It's pretty simple: how are you going to fix this problem with bad leadership if you're not even willing to look at the affairs in your own house?


we agree here, absolutely.


The thing ahoit education is that any given major is geared towards business in some aspect. There are a few, but far in between, that dont apply like Philosophy. I've read decent arguments that suggested that all education is for business, meaning that all education is corporate education to begin with, but didn't fully sell me on it. If education is to further us, how should it further us? Financially only? Intellectually only? My view is that education is a life long event, and should be intellectual first and foremost, but it's not free. I have more than most, but only make money off bout a third of it. So, it depends on the person i guess. But either way, i think all that are interested should be able to attend for their reasons instead of corporations dictating. As for whos beej in charge in the past, i would hope that people actually look them up.


If you've got a gripe about commentators in the CD comments section, then be honest and state it. But when you use an issue to make disparaging inferences about people who are emaling, phoning their senators, marching in protests to reject the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretery and act as if they're putting on a grand circus show in partisan hypocrisy, then you more than deserve criticism. That is not a rational way to bring to the fore and discuss or disseminate issues of education or anything else. This should represent an opportunity to illuminate educational issues and not blow off steam about partisan behavior in the CD comments section.

And by the way, the term “normalizing” is itself an idiomatic expression. No set in stone rule created it and that applies to its usage.


You state: “Actually, Drone1066 has a very valid point. Arne Duncan WAS a terrible choice for Education secretary. Even Diane Ratvich would have been better...”. But that wasn't the 'point' Drone 1066 was making. Drone 1066 was making chastising comments that educational issues are only seen from a partisan perspective. That principles should be applied in an even handed way, even though that is what the Trump administration could logically counter with. People are out in the streets protesting, making phone calls, pressuring their senators. They don't deserve to be generalized as partisan hacks.

__Drone 1066 is conflating complaints about the CD commentary section with the public in general.
__ as any activist could tell you, this is an >>opportunity<< to get the information across to the public at large. Why take an adversarial position by condemning the 'partisan sinners', many of whom are actively protesting against the DeVos nomination.

So many issues are tied into more fundamental issues, such as wealth and control, which is another way of stating influence and power. Wealth and control are joined at the hip. Education, labor rights, environment, economic and monetary issues, reproductive rights, voting, civil rights issues across the board, in other words, virtually everything is embedded in the realities dominated by the forces of wealth and control. Our societies include a vast complex that maintain that status quo, researching ways to expand it, and ways to block efforts to change it. To the level of a philosophy. To understand this is understand why charter schools get funding while public schools struggle. And struggle under the chastisement that they are failures. All part of the 'philosophy'. And it is THAT which needs to be understood and made common knowledge. Partisan lements are excuses. If one needs to blow off steam, practice primal screaming.