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From Carpet to Clean Air: It’s Time for California to Stand Up for Environmental Justice


From Carpet to Clean Air: It’s Time for California to Stand Up for Environmental Justice

mark! Lopez

Enough is enough. For too long, California’s low-income communities and communities of color have been disproportionately affected by the health impacts of industrial pollution, including refineries, power plants, and transportation corridors—putting residents at a higher risk for asthma, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, cancer, and birth defects.

Every person, regardless of the color of their skin, income level, or neighborhood they live in, deserves equal access to clean water, air, and soil.


Excellent article. Remember when rugs were made from natural fibers that people kept until they were thread bare. Not only were they beautiful they recycled themselves. Carpet sucks.


IMHO, a half-excellent article. It is easy to complain. It is harder to understand, and to come up with solutions. And to push ‘solving it’ off to the carpet manufacturer is only a half-solution. Half of the solution has to fall on the people using the carpet to take good care of it.


This is a substantial complaint, we pay in this case $41 million to recycle carpet that isn’t being recycled. That needs to change. Carpet has been institutionalized, in rental and apartments it is suppose to be changed every five years regardless. Not to mention it is responsible for indoor pollution and source pollution when its discarded. It is really foolish to carpet our living spaces with something that is actually poisoning us.


The solution is to make the manufacturer responsible for the recycling of the product they are making money from. There, problem solved.


Carpet, just something for cats and dogs to crap on.

One can make a permanent floor made of dirt, pounded into forms (adobe or rammed earth–2 different processes). And if like the natives, you want that smooth adobe surface, just get some ox blood and work it in (if you can stand the smell).

Earth, dirt, is the longest used material of building by humans. Once we came out of caves, we made homes from dirt, then rocks (but that’s a real bitch).