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From Cheers to Caution, World Leaders React to Trump Victory


From Cheers to Caution, World Leaders React to Trump Victory

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As shock waves went global over Donald Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton, world leaders on Wednesday offered their takes on the outcome, which has the potential to "upend the international order."


Can't see Theresa May and Trump getting along on a personal level, even though they agree on principle (or as much principle as Trump possesses).


It took Hitler to make the German people who they are today--vastly more humble even if not quite "there" yet. Maybe it will take Trump to make the American people start to actually examine their system and its flaws, and do something about the rottenness that has infected the core of our so-called democratic republic.


Echoing Lord Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade lyric "their's is not to reason why, their's is but to do and die", and Buffalo Springfield's For What its Worth lyric "mostly say hooray for our side" lyric characterize too many US voters' approach to politics...faith based, not evidence based voting.


We need some of those world leaders to band together and give our new fuhrer some straight talk about what the world expects, and what it will reject, regarding his governance on issues like torture and human rights. While it is true that no country, on it's own, dares to challenge the mighty USA, a coalition of many countries could make him a lonely, powerless outcast. He can't just fire the world on a whim. There are more than twenty foreigners out there for every American. They cannot be ignored without consequences.