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From Clubs and Cattle Prods To Federal Power


From Clubs and Cattle Prods To Federal Power

Of the surreal spectacle of the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing - aka day of "unremitting banality in the face of questioning" - two moments stand out. One was the trashing of Sessions' lies about his record by a calm, take-no-prisoners Al Franken, glorious to behold. The other, unfolding beyond the hearing, was the publication of a fiery letter by MLK widow Coretta King that helped block Sessions' 1986 judgeship. Sessions' "shabby" acts of racism, she charged, would “irreparably damage the work of my husband.”


great job by Al Franken, need many more like him to keep this incoming gang of thugs on there toes, because the B.S. is starting to pile up and stink.


So Session's many acts of malfeasance, dishonesty and corruption both moral and physical will be revealed to the world, and then the stamp of approval will be given, since those who want him in don't even begin to grasp what it means to be honest, ethical, or even a public servant. They want government of, by, and for THEM and their wealthy cronies, and we the People must obey (hence Cruz' emphasis on the "Rule of Law." When did that become a meme???


"Rule of Law" is Orwellian doublespeak meaning we make the laws and have the force and the power to enforce them. You will do as we say. Obedience demanded because they have the clubs, guns, tasers and will use whatever brute force it takes.