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From Crying 'Witch Hunt' to a Guilty Plea, Calls for Trump Ally Duncan Hunter to Resign Immediately

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/crying-witch-hunt-guilty-plea-calls-trump-ally-duncan-hunter-resign-immediately

Removed by poster.

(Clarification: Comment was removed by poster. Duncan Hunter was not removed by poster.)

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just another typical trump supporting republican; un-american, anti-american, take your pick between two ugly choices.

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Glad he’s gone.
Sad that it took two generations (Hunter Sr. and Jr.).
Worrisome is that local word has it that Darrell Issa will seek Hunter’s spot.


Just another of the usual suspects.

You just did not believe me when I reported to you that the elected representatives in congress are DUMB !
Their under somebodies thumb
Playin us like a drum
We gettin the leftover crumb

He needs some time to reflect on his five taxpayer and donor financed affairs.
I hear the shit-on-a-shingle spurs deep soul-searching over at the GrayBar Hotel.
Lock him up.

How should the witches of the world punish Duncan Hunter for insulting them by claiming that he is one of them?


Apparently crying ‘witch hunt’ only works if you are the president.

It is quite satisfying to thwart a known witch. Let’s get some more and send them to Salem.