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From "Day One" to We Will "Need Time," Team Biden Walks Back Vow to End Trump Attack on Asylum Seekers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/day-one-we-will-need-time-team-biden-walks-back-vow-end-trump-attack-asylum-seekers

Remember, these are only campaign promises.


You can use the template of this story for every story you do on the Biden administration for the next four years.


Here is what is coming next.



Isn’t this the same Biden who when arguing with liberals made clear his concerns –

that (paraphrasing) ‘soon…Latinos would outnumber whites’?

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Well allow me to be the first:

He clearly told us - Nothing Will Fundamentally Change

so what was it you were expecting?


Uncle – Thank you –

Didn’t actually watch the video but saved the link to watch over holiday –

BUT … that’s because the title makes so clear our reality today –

Chris Hedges joins MintCast to discuss the decline of US empire, the breakdown of society, the rise of militarized Christian fascism, and the discredited liberal class among other hard-hitting topics.


"Our guest today, Chris Hedges — has for years argued that the Democratic Party sold its soul long ago and turned its back on the American people and that we Americans have been living through what he calls a “corporate coup d’etat in slow motion.

Actually, I would just suggest that the corporate coup d’etat has very much increased its speed
and my opinion on that is because Global Warming has so obviously increased its speed.

What they will have “won” at the end is the destruction and total loss fascism always delivers.
And if we liberals have “lost” it will only be because we have refused to be as violent.

Without doubt, it is now and has always been the VIOLENCE of the right wing which brings
them their “wins.”

There is nothing that we know about Fascism in Germany that shouldn’t today make clear
what America is going through. In fact, Trump is simply a remodeling of Hitler – and given
this new larger stage he is performing on, we can see the same effect on citizens. And it
is only the long term cooption of the United Nations which today will permits Fascist lies to
try to hide the reality of Hitler’s Germany.


The first of what will be a long list of campaign pledges which will be broken.

The lesser evil will always remain an evil.


And what seems to be forgotten by many is that during the 2016 presidential campaign CNN ran a clip of Trump praising the former fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

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So what do we get? trump lite = bidden.

Is this the choices we have in america? Heck we have more choices when it comes to what brand of coffee we want to buy.

Each successive president since LBJ, for either party, has been more conservative than his predecessor. Nixon, more conservative than Ike. Carter, more conservative than LBJ. Reagan, more conservative than Nixon, and so on. By that measure, Biden will be more conservative than Obama.
You can count on it.

Oh, and once again, I told you so.


Question we need to think about is whether there is any way we are going
to see the public fight hard enough for the programs and issues we need
in order to bring revolution and an overturning of Elite control on nation?

And I think that depends on how well Americans understand the issues and
the rise of fascism here. As far as I can see right now – Trump followers are
embracing fascism – but whether they know it or not is the question.

But I’d add this – without USPS and “Vote by mail” there is no chance.

Don’t know how many may have read the background guess that MC CONNELL’S
election in Kentucky is being questioned – a computer win – and same for Lindsey
Graham and one more GOP member I don’t recall name of.

Is it too late to overturn these elections? If we were Republicans we’d certainly not
think so – Trump wants to overturn the entire 2020 election!

Well, back peddling already! Glad Donald is gone and now watching to see whether this administration does slowly what Donald was doing quickly…dismantling the human rights of our citizens. Yes, I wish we could move forward as a country and be the fantastic nation we could be. Sigh. Stay tuned.

Lesson to be learned from this: “Never Trust A Fucking Politician To Do What They Promise.”

I would rather have asylum seekers than see corporate indentured servitude replace refugees as the driver of the bulk of the people crossing borders, but its crystal clear to me that that IS the current plan.

It would be a very large change. If it happens we can expect to see the refugees pushed out rather than given green cards. Because the guest workers work for less and that is the main point of doing it, pushing down wages. The big corporations really want it, they have been going on about this shift for more than 30 years. Now I think they are really going to do it, soon. I would put money on it.

Columbia economist Jagdish Bhagwati has written extensively on the issue. So has Rupa Chanda. Search on “Labor Mobility” or “movement of natural persons”

All the dangerously naïve “progressives” and “social democrats” who believe they can “work” with these mendacistas, and lavishly praise the odd not wholly god awful nominee and appointee

Take heed, for chrissakes.

That’s actually required by the “progressive liberalization” provisions we agreed to.

Its to give international investors certainty. Otherwise politicians and voters who elected them could just roll back deregulations.

At Biden’s age, it is not at all unusual to have cold feet. Biden is comfortable having his feet held to the fire to warm his toes. He wants all you blue no matter who voters to keep stoking the fires. He appreciates all you do.

Is there a mouse in your pocket? Because I sure didn’t agree to any of the trade deals.

The executive branch is in charge of trade treaties.

If you look at my web site policyspace dot xyz, and go down to the keywords on the left, you’ll find many different accounts of the history of it all under G.

They feel that trillions are being thrown away on the sidewalk, money that could be saved, that we’re literally throwing away trillions of dollars that we don’t need to on over-high wages. If you search on that phrase, you’ll find the essay I am describing. They use examples that vastly underestimate the wage differential, however, its actually much larger than the examples they give.

I’m not joking, unfortunately. Huge amounts of resources are being devoted to this push to globalize work, especially skilled work, but they really want to globalize much less skilled work too. Like NAFTA but for the rest of the jobs.