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From 'Deeply Disappointing' to 'Disgusting,' Heitkamp Draws Ire as First Democrat to Back Pompeo


From 'Deeply Disappointing' to 'Disgusting,' Heitkamp Draws Ire as First Democrat to Back Pompeo

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Flouting urgent demands by anti-war groups, environmentalists, and LGBTQ rights organizations to reject Mike Pompeo over his lengthy record of warmongering and bigotry, Sen.


Heitkamp defrauded the voters of North Dakota. She’s a Republican Trumpster. Not any sort of centrist Democrat. The voters need to sue her for fraud. She took campaign donations under false pretences.


QUICK! Someone check her bank account for a substantial deposit from an MIC affiliate!!!


She has been showing her true colors for awhile.


The corporate dems will pretend to oppose trump but in the end they are all the same anti American pro Zionist pieces of crap. Except Barbara Lee congresswoman from Cali.


It’s time to vote out the “moderate” Democrats and replace them with “progressives”.


The other reason could be because ND has been actively drilled and fucked fracked to death by the oil and gas industries creating a few dirt and dangerous jobs at a huge cost to environmental pollution/degradation.


In a healthy America this vote should be the end of her political career. In today’s America most certainly not.


Nothing if not predictable…


Yes, she is bought and paid for by the oil/gas industry. When they pull the strings she dances to whatever tune they are playing, related or not. Sensible Democratic voters would throw her out.


Heidtkamp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, as is Judy Woodruff and the PBS Newshour. (BNSF Railway is Newshour’s largest corporate sponsor. Buffet owns BNSF.)
Old Grandfatherly Warren, everybody’s loveable ol’ gramps Buffet, a greedy duplicitous moneygrubbing sociopath. He owns Heidi Heidtkamp.


She is heavily invested in Berkshire Hathaway, erego owned by Warren Buffet, the guy who keeps talking about raising his taxes but never actually does anything to make that a reality.


Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet owns her.


This is nothing new for the so-called opposition party. The tally, so far, on voting in favor of Trump picks by Senate Democrats is (out of 23) Manchin at 18, Heitkamp at 17, Warner at 16, McCaskill at 14 and Hillary’s running mate, Kaine, with 12 votes for Trump picks. Not a single Democrat voted against all of Trump’s picks.


Barbara Lee is a profile in courage. If they ever do an update of JFK’s book, I vote she go in.


Well I’ll be darned. Who woulda thunk?


Since Reagan, Democrats strategy is to move to the right. It hasn’t worked any better than trickle down economics. We saw what happened when they nominated center-right Hilary Clinton.


There are many votes that this DINO should be ashamed of. Heitkamp is a disgrace. I don’t know why she doesn’t just change over to the Republican party and get it over with.


I agree, but there are too many on this site who think the Dem party is being reformed by progressives and we must still vote for them.


“This is a vote she will not be proud of when she looks back on her career.”

Heitkamp has cast a lot of votes to be ashamed of, if she had a human being’s sense of shame.

But she and Joe Manchin aren’t the only Fifth Columnists in the Democratic Party. They have plenty of company.

It’s a moribund party, with backward, cowardly leadership and the same greed as the GOP, but with a history of pretending to care about the working class in order to insure their votes. And even that reputation has gone down the tubes.