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From DeNiro's "F%$kTrump" to Parkland's "Seasons of Love": An Anti-Trump Night at the Tony's


From DeNiro's "F%$kTrump" to Parkland's "Seasons of Love": An Anti-Trump Night at the Tony's

Common Dreams staff

Award-winning actor Robert DeNiro received a standing ovation at the Tony Awards on Sunday night for his dramatic delivery of the phrase "Fuck Trump," but it was students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School—where a gunman earlier this year killed seventeen people—who brought down the house as they offered rendition of the song "Seasons of Love" from the Broadway hit musical Rent.


Let’s all bow our heads for a silent moment of “Fuck Trump.” Thank you, Mr. DeNiro.


Yard sign for November: DUMP TRUMP!


It’s a very clear testament to this country to see that yet another rich bourgeois white guy cursing about one of the lowest hanging fruit ever seen. How very courageous of him. It’s like staring at the ground and yelling “DIRT”. Give me a break.


Bob DeNiro! Welcome, sir! But it’s not Trump, he’s just a symptom of lies that promulgate from all 50 state capitol legislatures right up to the Rotunda on the hill in D.C. It started 50 years ago with the “Southern Strategy”, from Nixon right through Reagan to Bush 1 & 2 and the turning of a"blind eye" by corporate Dems - Clinton and Obama. When Universal Healthcare is denied to all Americans regardless of wealth, when voting rights are made harder to obtain, when war profiteers make money from killing, America weeps. “The Poor People’s Campaign”, Bob, and everyone, is “A Call for Moral Revival”. We the People, together: Can bring the whole country, once divided - now together! Separated for decades into centuries, but now united over one central issue to all human kind - "We are our Brothers’ and Sisters’ keepers! See ya in D.C. today at 2pm ET and next week - and on June 23rd for for the final day of a national gathering that launches a multi-year Moral Movement to bring back Love. Honor. Respect. Peace. Music. Family. I love America!


While it’s refreshing to blow off steam, and while DeNiro is a great actor, his FU to Trump is not a very effective “Competitive Strategy” (nor matching ‘strategic narrative’) to get rid of Emperor Trump.

Just shouting FU is fun but less than effective — in that it’s language ‘tune-off’ some older people, but even more important it doesn’t ‘tag’ Emperor Trump for what he really is ---- which is a proven ‘Empire-building’ and insane “Empire-thinking” sociopath.

I’ve found that repetitvely pointing out that Trump 'acts like an Emperor" and that much of what he does and how he acts “makes America look and act like an Empire” ---- which resonates with people of all ages, disposition, and even both parties.

The more people recognize that he is 'acting like an EMPEROR" the more they may question whether that is the truth, and recognize that 'acting like an Emperor" is not what the Constitution directs any president to do.

My only demonstration, march, and protest sign is coming true in spades — as it shouts-out on the front side simply:


and on the back-side under the image of ‘our’ American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

Almost all Americans innately and internally know in their hearts, that their own country should not “Act like an EMPIRE”

‘Tag’ him with something that will stick and have an impact of others.


No. What DeNiro did was unprofessional. I don’t care how much you hate the president. Saying that on national television in a formal speech is totally unprofessional and unbecoming of him. If Obama was president and a conservative declared, “F Obama” at a national non-partisan speech, you’d be up in arms.


My comment was tongue-in-cheek. Lighten up.


My comment was tongue-in-cheek, and blowing off steam. No, DeNiro’s comment won’t change or help anything. But it sure felt good when I heard it. Literally, it felt good.




Just think about it ----we are told we live in a country with free speech ----yet the media blank out a persons comment and then criticize him for the comment------and then we have a supreme court that says free speech is equal to how much money you have. We live in a police state–WAKE UP! THANK YOU ROBERT DENIRO FOR SPEAKING WORKING CLASS LANGUAGE TO THE FUCKING RULING CLASS.