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From Distracting Nation From Economic Crash to 'Freaking Out About Losing,' Trump's Threat to Delay Election Seen as No Joke

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/distracting-nation-economic-crash-freaking-out-about-losing-trumps-threat-delay

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From Democracynow:

Noam Chomsky: Decades of “the Neoliberal Plague” Left U.S. Unprepared for COVID-19 Outbreak



Hopefully he’ll try to delay the election, and most of his MAGA-Moron followers will believe him and not bother showing up to vote on November Third . . .


I couldn’t help but notice that, while the NYtimes article made a point of saying that the constitution has scenarios in place to cover most normal secession problems that may pop up from time to time in a presidential election, in no paragraph did they address the elephant in the room, the distinct possibility of a lunatic POTUS declaring martial law.
Sure, he couldn’t do it willynilly for no reason whatsoever. But these are extraordinary times. That may be why he seems to be making every attempt to exacerbate the pandemic and the subsequent economic collapse.
Everybody always says the same thing of sociopaths. They wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly go that far. But then you start finding bodies buried basements, or a trail of young female hitchhikers strewn about the countryside. My point is, never underestimate how low a sociopath will go. And make no mistake, this president is a sociopath.


Two points I don’t see anyone else making:
First, if he somehow got away with “delaying” the election, odds are about even that there would never be an election here again.
Second–this IS a Constitutional crisis and any attempt to cancel or nullify the election must be fought. But how sad, to fight for the right to put warmongering, racist, rich- and corporation-enabling Democrats into office, as the only way to get rid of corrupt, warmongering, racist, rich-and corporation-coddling Republicans.


I watched and agree that Noam Chomsky told it like it is and I really like Sanders words as quoted in this piece
“No, Mr. President. We’re not delaying the election. The American people are sick and tired of your authoritarianism, your lies, your racism. On November 3, 2020 democracy will prevail and your disastrous presidency will end. Bye-bye.”
If congress would do its job d feel much better.


John Meachum is alarmed. This speaks volumes.

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I remember reading, quite a while ago, back when Trump was just a crooked real-estate tycoon, that, if he ever became President, it would be the last President America had. This was back when he saved New York City from bankruptcy by paying pennies on the dollar for real estate, then making a killing by flipping them. Even then, prescient people saw the effect deregulation would have on people like Trump, removing what few constraints there were.
What if we did hold an election but no one came? Our percentage of voting citizens is the lowest in the developed world. All it would take would be to mandate voting in person, then closing all but the most inconvenient polling places. And nit-picking in regards to voter ID. A rainy day, people in economic crisis trying to find enough money to pay rent and buy groceries believing their vote doesn’t count anyway because the government only takes care of its owners…


Omg! That never occurred to me. To willfully subvert a national response to a health crisis for political reasons? It’s so insane-so psycho-so trump. Yet, it didn’t occur to me that that could be a strategy. He’s toast, though. The more folks succumb to the disease, the less chance he has to hang on by his greedy, short fingered, vulgarian hands. What a sicko.

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There is a fundamental difference between the parties in 2020. Republicans are silent in the face of a lunatic without a moral bone in his body. Democrats are calling him out on his lies and lack of leadership. The republicans have enabled his gross behavior for almost four years and the democrats have tried, with very limited ability, because of self described grim reeper, to push through legislation that would benefit most citizens. You simply can’t lump them all in the same boat. We know Washington breeds corruption. However, in 2020, there is a clear distinction between which party has moral authority and it does not fall on the republicans, at large. Trashing the party that has the best chance to get us out of this mess serves no purpose or am I missing something?

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Yes, you’re missing something. The Democrats just voted to add an increase to the already huge “defense” budget, at a time when states and cities are screaming. They go along with every war. They have been the ones handing military weapons to cops. They’ve committed no crimes the Reoublicans have not also committed…but when you ignore STYLE and look at SUBSTANCE, that is POLICY, there is very little difference between Obama (and Biden) and the “worst president ever” he followed (Cheney really of course) or the one who took away Bush’s title as Worst Ever. You could hardly come up with a huger gulf when it comes to style. Obama was cultured, calm, thoughtful, urbane–W and Trump were gleefully ignorant, childish, openly corrupt, fake-religious, and in Trump’s case vulgar and incredibly narcissistic. Lately Trump has been unhinged in ways even his base likely won’t overlook, which makes me think he has been abandoned by the grownups in the room, who have decided they can play ball with Biden and not have to put up with Trump’s antics. It’s pretty clear that they CAN play ball with Biden–he is making little attempt, as Clinton made little attempt, to court the left. They assume the left has nowhere to go so they treat their own base with contempt and focus on the money men. Biden is making threats against China and Russia and Venezuela…offering a climate plan that hedges with the “net zero” gambit and says nothing about stopping fossil fuels…and of course it’s not just Biden, it;s the DNC. There are a few outliers like the Squad (put another 50 of them in Congressional seats and the Democrats would be going somewhere!)–and Sanders and (mostly) Warren in the Senate.


Indeed, martial law declared by Trump is a distinct possibility under the unstable occupant of the White House, and can certainly be implemented by Trump’s secret police which he will probably attempt to place in position in many of America’s major cities across the country. As the article notes, people underestimate what Trump may do at their own peril as it is not an exaggeration to say that he would have no hesitation in declaring himself a dictator if and when that opportunity presents itself. This is a pivotal time in this country’s history and it will be very interesting to see if both the Democrats and the Republicans are up to the task of making sure that Trump no longer remains in the White House in the event that Trump loses the election [assuming, that is, that the presidential election does take place this November].

As Bette Davis remarked in the 1950 film All About Eve:

“Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”


Agree with Noam, though I tend to use neocon, though the “con” may be rather universal.


trump hit one off the left field wall !!
Took over the news cycle from the John Lewis funeral
to opinions and thoughts on how trump will disrupt the
November election.

Known: Lawyers on both sides will likely enjoy a
repeat of Florida 2000 ‘chad’ show.
This year, will occur in at least six states.
Particularly with close results and many mail in ballots
being rejected by zip codes.


Delay the election, but git yer azzes back in school/work. Yeah, right.


I guess we didn’t do enough to prevent the bad choices you describe. It’s our fault. They are just doing what politicians do.

Propaganda and regimentation being more important than life itself. Poor kids.


-False flag attack.

-Trump declares martial law.

-White supremecists attack polling places.

-Eric Prince (brother of billionaire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos) attacks with his once Blackwater, now Academi, 40,000 man army to disrupt vote.

Worrisome possibilities.
False flag and martial law moreso.


Justice would prevail if his supporters took this as a call to boycott the ‘illegitimate’ elections BY NOT VOTING! ROTFL…

I seem to be in ‘what he/she said’ mode lately when commenting here. Posted the same thing below before reading the other comments!