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From Drones to Spying, Democratic Inertia Hands Unchecked Powers to Trump


From Drones to Spying, Democratic Inertia Hands Unchecked Powers to Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Powers that went largely unchallenged during the Obama administration are now in the hands of President-elect Donald Trump—and that's a frightening prospect.


Lets work towards Donald's Trump, kill list, containing the names of a whole bunch of corrupt Democrats and Republicans as well as those corporate executives who funded that corruption. Doesn't need any drones what so ever, all those targets are in easy reach and the NSA and the FBI and the Secrete Service already have all the evidence you need (especially the secret service, time call them before a Congressional investigation).
Make no mistake it would kill many of those individuals to be called before the courts to account for their criminal activities (better to eat a bullet than spend the rest of your life in prison as an ex-political leader).


And, the hysteria begins: Omg! - If O'drone-a-bomba was such a PoS, can you imagine how bad Trump will be? - Omg! Give me another latte!

Let's add to the list Obama's NDAA authority to impose indefinite detention without charge or trial, even militarily, even of U.S. citizens, even if captured far from any battlefield, anywhere in the world. Due process? Are you kidding? You inconsequential rabble ain't got no due process, you commoner fools!

Democrats are so accustomed to their leaders' devious, psychotic, warmongering ways, that they childishly believe anyone outside of their party is going to be infinitely worse. You can't get much worse than Obama, our "I'm really good at killing people" Noble Peace laureat...Clinton, assuredly; but, bye to that. (-:

Obama:"I Am Really Good At Killing People" -- Nov. 5, 2013 -- Abby Martin -- YouTube video


While anti-war activists during Bush went on to praise the merits of the Obama approach, a good deal of us pushed so hard to get President Obama to:

  1. Prosecute torturers.
  2. End Drone murder.
  3. End Crowd killing i.e. killing unknown people based on algorithms and metadata.
  4. End sociopathic Special Operations massacres.
  5. Close Guantanamo.
  6. Stop torturous forced feeding.
  7. End universal surveillance.
  8. Pardon Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and end the war on whistle blowers.

Regarding prosecution of torturers, President Obama argued, that we need to 'move on'. Well the impunity he gave them has enabled these same torturers to take up where they left off. Regarding his 'war on terror' practices, President Obama argued that, basically, he's a nice guy who could be trusted. Even if one accepts this false premise, the flaw with his well-articulated illogical argument, is that by entrenching war crimes and oppressive domestic practice into the modus-operandi of US government ensures that these practices remain in place when a not-so-nice-guy becomes President.


I abhor your post. Absolutely abhor your post.

Sorry, fantasizing even jokingly about political assassinations, no matter who the target, is dangerous.

Also, you can't possibly be insinuating that Trump is above that target list are you?

Surely not.

Edit.....and surely it wasn't, pardon me rtb61, and thanks to Callmeskeptical for pointing that out.


Indeed. What I found quite disturbing was the deafening near silence of people across the political spectrum in regard to Trump's calls for more torture, worse torture, and to make it legal.

Damn terrifying.


Ah, still apologizing for the right wing fascist Trump I see.



Hi there, Psycho_chickie: Drinking again? Or, is it some other substance abuse?

Rtb61 didn't post a thing about political assassinations. He said, "Doesn't need any drones what so ever, ...time (to) call them before a Congressional investigation..."

Likewise, I believe that his "...better to eat a bullet than spend the rest of your life in prison.." is suggesting that, perhaps, this "...whole bunch of corrupt Democrats and Republicans as well as those corporate executives who funded that corruption...", might consider suicide. That's quite different than advocating for assassination.

Cheers, Chickie_boy :relaxed:


Hey, upon second read, you ARE correct.


Sorry to wake you again, Psycho_Chickie; but, please show me where I'm apologizing for Trump? No apologies coming from this section of the bleachers. I'm simply suggesting that liberal hysteria over Trump inheriting any right to do all the horrendous things we evidenced of Obama and SoS Killary may be misplaced. There's a good chance that Trump will prove to be a much more peaceful person toward the rest of humanity


Yeah. It took me two reads, also. At first, I thought I read exactly what you at first saw.


It is the dismissal that Trump with the most right wing leadership in the House and Senate in my lifetime, doesn't pose a unique and dangerous threat to all of us.

Also, you have actually said that a vote for Trump would be a good thing. That is in your comment record.

And especially considering what Obama and the rest of the corrupt Democrats codified for the use of the megalomaniac Trump i.e., NSA, NDAA, and the rest.


Yes. I truly preferred Trump to Clinton...that is undoubtedly true. And, you are right, it's really scary to see whom he may be appointing to different positions within his cabinet. But, it's no worse than Citibank choosing Obama's cabinet; or, Obama/Hillary having Nuland and Powers in positions influencing foreign affairs. I'm simply hoping that, if Trump makes the mistake of appointing hawks to positions influencing foreign affairs,he will soon realize they are not creating the peace he has promised us; and, he will then replace them with more reasonable people. My main wish is for all this unnecessary killing, that we have been fomenting, to cease.


People who never had power really fail to grasp the deep fear and loss of those who had power who will now be at the mercy of the worst criminals in prison. A lot of them will be exposed to those they abused the most. Imagine Shrillary locked up with those she called super predators, I am just forecasting reality, quite a few of them will suicide, although I imagine drugs rather than a hand gun will be the preference, especially as many of them will be captured trying to escape to an extradition free country and a gun might not be all that accessible beyond suicide by police.
From mansions and maids and luxury yachts and private jets to life sentences in prison, keep in mind they where scheming with foreign nationals and that is treason, so really, really long sentences in cold hard federal prison. They did really, really bad things and I still feel sorry for them but justice must be served. You can bet a few will be tried in absentia, hiding in shame in Saudi Arabia et al. only to be caught one day and dragged back kicking and screaming.
I could not imagine the Clinton's going to prison, honestly can not see it, Bubba might be able to tolerate it but Shrillary would be very likely to pop a bottle of pills.
Still compared to what they did to Libyans and Syrians and Iraqis and so many other people on the planet, including Americans, it is really, really hard to feel sorry for them facing justice for their many crimes, really hard but hey, I won't be the one dishing it out, just a distant observer and I will rejoice at the many, many lives saved by the prosecution of those who will be denied the chance to commit more crimes (the mind positively boggles at how many lives will be saved).


One thing we certainly agree on, is utter disdain of what these corporate sellouts have done to this country.

What I have witnessed in my life, starting with being very aware of the malevolent power aligned against citizens as a 9 year old receiving the call from my mom's best friend who was weeping, to find out from my weeping mom moments later that she had just got the visitation from soldiers at her door telling her that Mark, her oldest son had been killed in Vietnam, having been drafted.

I was at home watching television that same year, when the first footage from Kent State was televised, seeing dead students lying in the grass.

I was deeply affected by this, and that was on top of my very early memories as a 4 year old of my mom seeing the first news of the assassination of President Kenedy, weeping as she called my Dad about it. And then of course years later Bobby.

MLK, message delivered yet again, question authority.

I have been operating from the same sense of justice all of these years, through Nixon, Carter (was critical of him, and then find out years later, that he too was a dark figure in US foreign policy having started arming and training what would become the terrorists fighting the Soviets in that horrible proxy war in Afghanistan.

Through the years of Reagan, going to symposiums by Daniel Sheehan and others about Iran Contra, US foreign policy in Central and South America, etc etc etc. Through Bush, then Clinton, then Bush again, and this whole sordid history, I have made a point, from that early conviction at age 9, to not be duped by those who hold great power. And then Obama, who is the consummate con man of them all, but I think Trump will Trump him ultimately.

As you have surely seen, I have not held my punches from that standpoint of principle that I have never wavered from, in my criticisms of Clinton, and my criticisms of Trump. That is why this has been so vexing, as I have been attacked from every side, being accused on the one hand of being a Trump supporter, and on the other hand of being a Clinton supporter, and neither were true at any point.

I have stepped up to defend Greens, and their vote of conscience.

I have steadfastly avoided playing into the lesser evil debate, when just bearing witness to the evil of each I found exceedingly necessary to do. That's as good as I could muster.

All of that said, if I have harshly judged you unfairly, I apologize, and in fact extend that out to others as well.

I'll continue to call out what I perceive as dismissals of what I truly believe are the unique dangers of Trump, in conjunction with the uniqueness of our times as US citizens, with incredible, and at the present unassailable powers against us, with the power of a corrupt leader to utilize those completely unconstitutional tools of mass surveillance, and the rest of it.

I wish the best for both of us, and even, when I'm not enraged, have compassion even for the most vile Trump supporter that has been lied to, and molded into, tools of expedience through culture war manipulation and the rest.

Fact remains, we are where we are, and it is terrifying.

Those that don't recognize this, may just have a rude awakening.


Or spending a night in a seedy motel with her deplorables ... she might indeed pop those bottles of pills.


Oh give me a break! IT was always obvious that what power was given to Obama shouldn't have been. NO hand wringing over what power Trump now has in his hands.


It would be justice served if your vision is realized; however, I have my doubts it will happen. For one, I think Obama is going to be pardoning all his accomplices for everything they've done. Surely, this will include the Clintons. I won't bother to try to construct a list...we'll see. Question is, who will pardon Obama? Although Trump made a lot of noise about bringing Hillary to justice, I wonder if he really wants to expend the effort to do so. That would have to come from the Congress, I think. It's going to be interesting. The NATO nations are so involved, I doubt anything is going to happen in this regard internationally.


I wouldn't be too concerned about this. If I'd ever thought you were treating me unfairly, I would have responded; and, I can't recall ever having done so. I have enough trouble monitoring myself; for, I often speak too quickly without tempering my thoughts. (-: