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From Emboldened Case for Special Counsel to Calls to Resign, Sessions' Headache Only Begun

From Emboldened Case for Special Counsel to Calls to Resign, Sessions' Headache Only Begun

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has thus far remained unrepentant in the face of accusations of perjury and the growing call to step down, his reluctant recusal on Thursday from federal investigations into possible foreign meddling in the 2016 election could pave the way for a special prosecutor and thus a greater chance of impartiality in the Russia probe.

FYI, Josh Marshall has done some great reporting on Trump and his affiliates looking at accounts from before the Russia hacking became an issue. Here’s his latest:

The president could clear up a lot by doing what other modern president’s have done, release his tax returns. Even 5 years worth would be useful. Obviously, he hasn’t because he knows it’s better to take the hit for nondisclosure than the hit he’d take for disclosure. Maybe he’s just not as rich as he said he is is the issue? Or, maybe he’s not only not as rich, but heavily in debt to particular foreign interests as was reported prior to Russian interference becoming a major topic? Either way, he could illuminate a lot by doing one simple thing.


Contact your federal legislators, RIGHT NOW, and ask them to call for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ immediate resignation.



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You wanted the spotlight, Beauregard, you have got it now…
…let me join in the chorus…resign and preserve what little dignity you have left.


Cons are reactionary, aggressive, intolerant and make no apologies. They get away with murder because libs tend to be passive, tolerant and save criticism for later.

To try to counter the problem, lib leaders are forced to become (left wing) cons, giving rise to two dark sides.

This seldom happens in direct democracies where fear, aggression and intolerance can’t easily dominate the public mind.

Online Direct Democratic Party

What countries use direct democracy?

There are degrees of direct democracy in various countries, but the best example of direct democracy continues to be Switzerland. I googled a few and here is a link: