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From Epic Fires to a 1,000-Year Flood: The Climate Change of Here and Now


OOOHHhhh, I forgot… reduce the MIC TO ABOUT 1/5 OF IT’S PRESENT SIZE… oh, wait … that won’t happen… OH… AND … shut down all NULCEAR POWER PLANTS… OH, WAIT… in New York they are revamping completely outdated old ones… with 965 million dollars for the next two years… they are building two more in the Southern US…
People… those at the top… do not get it… .they do not care… they are comfortable… they are safe… (at this point) … and they are deep and wet in the ocean… in other words they are fish in the sea… who do not know they are in the sea… most of them are clueless… and the rest are socio paths…


There is no climate problem; there is no climate problem; there is no climate problem; there is no climate problem. Repeat a lie enough and eventually they will believe it. James Inhofe, nothing but a stooge and a sell out to the fossil fuel industry.


When you wrote >>> How bad can it get and how soon?

The first thing that came to mind is the very worrisome saber rattling in the So. China Sea between the USA and China. A major conflict would derail efforts to ameliorate climate change real fast.


Serious advice sincere if nothing else. She should put in her application for a city job or government job with a pension and health benefits. If she stays then fine but her union would help her attend classes at night and as the years go by she gets that degree. The shit will hit the fan one way or the other but with a kid, a pension and health benefits are going to be like gold. She may say that she’ll get her degree online but when does that really happen? City and government jobs have continuing education programs which will help her get that degree and in many cases pay towards the credits.


Had to sign in when I read this! Great handle on the nuances of our collective predicament! It’s all about the goofball .001%ers waking up in time. They have to, or we all go down.


Isn’t this McPherson the same one from the U of A in Tucson? He’s a nuke apologist of the worst kind. If I remember correctly, his claims of climate doom omit the fact that climate change will eventually correct itself, after we are gone and the Mother returns to an equilibrium with itself (or if lucky, when we stop burning organic carbon compounds).

But nuke powerplants and their radionuclide production will save us? (The cellular disruption of Plutonium 239, alone, will be 280,000 years, not counting other transuranics that live 100’s times longer and then there are the “daughter” products that keep on being created through the transuranic disintegrations.)

He is so similar in so many ways to talk show hosts, revivalist tent preachers and “your pain is my pain” solution professionals - they all have a book to peddle (or some have corporate sponsors), who pray on us people. We, in low-wage, dead-end, non-green jobs, who get daily bombardments of entertainment by corporate (fb, twitter, cable, etc.) media-induced, Kabuki theater disinformation. 'Nuf to make yer head spin! lol


Thanks, for that… she does plan on working in “corrections”… but with a baby on the way and then … not really wanting to turn over an infant to child care… before… what, 3month-4 months…? That’s when I put her in child care… .happen to find a wonderful woman to do so, too. She had the same birthday as me… she had 4 kids already, the youngest was about … 9 I think… one in college… They were from Pakistan… Then, when this girl was 3 I had another… and they were both in child care… I was teaching, though, so had to go back when the second baby was 6 weeks… not easy… I still do not get why she wants this now… but… If anyone knows that everyone has a different path… it should be me.


My empathy. Brought my then-teenaged daughter to a pregnancy resource center in an attempt to dissuade her from irresponsible pregnancy then, and somehow, it worked. At 28 now, she and her husband are more responsibly planning for pregnancy (but probably, with no eyes toward the difficult climate future).


It is not a time gauge but an estimate of rare events that will happen eventually given enough time. There is an average middle ground but on either side are the extremes. Most extremes happen over and over during a relatively short period of time. One year has a hurricane but the following year does not etc.

The very rarest extremes will happen given enough time. So that in a thousand year time span, an extremely high end rain cause huge floods or an extremely dire drought might occur elsewhere at some other time.

These floods will happen naturally when conditions match up causing the same results. Those conditions which have been very rare (once in a thousand years rare) whenever they have occurred in the past.

The thing to worry about now is that unlike before, those conditions are no longer so rare. They may in fact be once in decade events instead of the previous once in a millennium events that they once were.


Not only is climate changing. The very CONCEPT of climate is becoming increasingly meaningless, as our species is now “on the road” to extinction; see this: http://guymcpherson.com/2016/08/the-politics-and-science-of-our-demise/


You misunderstood my point about their rarity. What I was saying is that those once in a thousand year events are now happening much more frequently. [quote=“Wereflea, post:31, topic:27920”]
They may in fact be once in decade events instead of the previous once in a millennium events that they once were


Interesting. I didn’t know that, Bob. But that doesn’t mean that his expertise in Climate Science, Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology is wrong. He seems to be a nihilist, from what I can tell. He claims he wants to save other life forms, but not us. He wants the end of all civilization to occur. He has no children, which must color his acceptance of dangerous nuclear power plants.

You are right. Your idea of the Earth correcting itself is also right, imho. Perhaps carbon extinction caused by thermal runaway is the mechanism the universe uses to keep unstable life forms from spreading through the galaxy (since SETI has detected no technology signals in space in all these years.) Every time naked apes evolve and build cars, they melt themselves before figuring out how to control nuke transport safely (The nuclear inter-stellar Orion project, for example)

But, selfish creature that I am, I don’t care about life forms millions of years in the future. Natural Selection will be taking care of that! I only care about you and your family, whoever they may be.

Major Character flaw, I know!


Burn wood before wood burns you. Cookin, heating water plus the added benefit wood-ash/potash to mix with manure and compost to build soils. That is a positive feedback cycle, an ecocycle.


The 200 families who dumped 6 trillion tons of CO2 into the air have $660 trillion in the financial exchanges here. Since our government is useless why don’t we ask them to spend some of their money on growing biomass in vast quantities and let them reap carbon credits if they can get the concentration down to 300ppm.


You need to read a lot more science…