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From Executive Power to People Power on Climate


From Executive Power to People Power on Climate

Ryan Camero

Tensions permeated in millions of people as they watched election polls draw to a close, votes painstakingly counted and processed as the 2016 presidency came closer to existence. It was late evening in Marrakesh, Morocco, as three SustainUS delegates at this year’s UN climate talks- myself, Dineen O’Rourke, and Benjamin Goloff- pulled an all-nighter finalizing an arts banner for our post-elections actions.

The messaging? The “Presidential To-Do List”, our core demands for the incoming leader of our country at the end of a particularly ambivalent election.


It is important to remember that the states can do a lot about fighting climate change, The states have the power over how electricity is generated. It is states that adopt energy efficiency standards for buildings. States have programs for increasing green energy. The states can set their own targets for emissions reductions. They can adopt carbon tax or a cap and trade programs. The problems is many states have governors who are no better than Donald Trump when it comes to climate and legislatures that are no better then House of Representatives. Because of the scale of action needed to fight climate change state governments are critical. A few good ones are doing their jobs but unless more join in this situation will not end well and recent scientific studies suggest bad things will be happening much sooner than was previously believed.