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From Flint’s Children to Nuclear Weapons, Funding Our Nations Priorities


From Flint’s Children to Nuclear Weapons, Funding Our Nations Priorities

Robert Dodge

This week our nation funds our national priorities on tax day. In this era of growing discussion about participatory democracy and citizens engaging in the decisions of how their community tax dollars should be allocated it is important for each of us to identify what our priorities are.


Hey, Robert Dodge, when I see a referendum go out to ALL voters, and it polls the nation's citizens to see where the majority stands (ideally with a Fourth Estate/Press operating as intended--in delivering honest, factual information relevant to each issue on said referendum) ... THEN you'd be free to use the WE "meme" where it truthfully applies.

In the second quoted sentence, you mention this idea of unexamined assumptions. Well, to my way of thinking, positing that it is WE, the American citizenry, that has made the decision (rather than elites within the MIC who have done so) to embark on the trillion dollar nightmare... you are guilty of an equally unexamined assumption.

"We are planning to embark on a $1 trillion dollar nuclear modernization program over the next 30 years."

"While the danger of a nuclear disaster is as high as or higher than during the height of the cold war, it is an unexamined assumption that this is what must be."

If the TRUE after-effects (ongoing) of Fukushima were still discussed on the MSM; and if citizens were given questionaires asking them where they'd want ONE TRILLION dollars to go; I'll bet that less than 10% would vote for more nuclear weapons. And of that 10%, most would either be right wing lunatics or those with financial interests in war profits and/or weapons.

Now... how about reexamining that falsely all-inclusive We-Frame.

I think that men, in general, have a greater reflex to identify with the military and see the military as a "natural" extension of the nation. And I think women are more critical of this meme... perhaps it takes a woman to point out just how dangerous it is to equate Democracy with what's become, increasingly, a military state. The two entities are 100% incompatible.