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From Flint To Standing Rock To Upstate NY, Organizing To Save Our Water

From Flint To Standing Rock To Upstate NY, Organizing To Save Our Water

Kathy Mulady

Despite the drinking water crisis epitomized by the scandal in Flint, Michigan, Donald Trump has pledged to scrap regulations protecting our water resources.

Meanwhile, the victims in Flint are reaching out to other communities, hoping to organize grassroots groups and pressure government at all levels to remove the threat of lead and other contaminants from our drinking water.

“President Obama declared a federal state of emergency” in Flint and the Congress ignored him, recessed, and went home to their districts to try to get reelected.

Let’s all give Congress a parting gift by voting every incumbent out of office on November 8th or before. (Early voting is now taking place.)

I am wondering if there is an app or website that publishes public notices for government decisions, esp. ones that have environmental and cultural impact. It would be useful esp. early in the public planning process. To have such notices posted in one place would be a great service. Perhaps if more people get involved early-on, there would be less need for people to be physically protesting once a project is begun, because such bad projects could get challenged early-on, ultimately in court if need be, with many citizens having standing because they were involved from the beginning. Ultimately, such an app would make it possible to be at a location, public land say, and search for any planning or pending decisions happening there. I’d love to help set up such an app, but I don’t have the time or skill to do it myself.

At Standing Rock we have seen ATTACKS on citizens protecting sacred grounds, on a safe water supply, on journalists covering the events, on protesters who find a massive betrayal of human and civil rights going on. Much of the attacking is done by private security forces protecting private corporate actions and by official police groups protecting THEM. Who is left out are … the People and the Planet. And the very notion of democracy in America.

Anyone sympathetic to the native Americans protecting their … and OUR … rights there should seriously consider voting for Dr. Jill Stein, the ONLY candidate among the top four whose positions and party defend the People’s Defense at Standing Rock. Seriously consider that.

IF for whatever reason. you are not yet ready to do that, … MINIMALLY show your support by registering Green NOW … which is a public way to show your position on THIS and many other significant issues … not matter how you vote on election day.

I believe you can show your solidarity with important VALUES with your registration. A “D” registration says … nothing … about your views on our rights and environment.