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From Fossil Fuel Companies to Schools, 350+ Facilities Stopped Tracking Water Pollution Under EPA's Temporary Pandemic Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/fossil-fuel-companies-schools-350-facilities-stopped-tracking-water-pollution-under

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Temporary, slated for permanent if reelected.

Anything to kill more of us "takers."

If the EPA was formed with a mission statement and, as their handle implies, “Environmental Protection”, how can it be “trumps EPA”, not the people’s, and how can he alone destroy and evade what seems to me the clear intent and mission of the EPA?

How is what he has done in more than one “regulatory” agency or cabinet department to undermine the essential meaning of the agency of department not a crime?

Destroying the primary mission of the Environmental Protection Agency to serve crony corporate polluters allies or campaign contributors, that are, and will continue to threaten the health and safety of Americans by his lack of care?
Am I missing something beside his corrupt agenda and utter lack of understanding of what his Oath of Office and protecting the lives of the American people means… or just naive, not “understanding” how government works?

Safe water is essential to all life. Polluted or contaminated water a threat. Serving polluters and/or corporations (or anyone) that contaminates our irreplaceable water at the expense of millions must be a crime…right?

Serving and protecting business interests that pollute and/or spread poisons that threaten millions with cancers, and numerous other diseases and conditions, especially children must entail criminal conspiracy, overt deceptions and lies, and criminal negligence, right?

When will this odious, hideous, evil creature be held to full account in a court of law for all such actions, or failures to act, that serve special interests at the expense, health dangers, and deaths of uncounted people?

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This is what happens when you place the lobbyists of corporate polluters in charge of the corporate polluters. This is what happens when you place a scoundrel in charge of the party of scoundrels. “Government is the problem” is a self fulfilling republican prophecy and they prove it every time they take office.

November is coming!

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Well said. That is the universal outcry. Republicans run on greed. That’s their fuel and their platform, hidden or not.