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From Fracking to Coal Waste, NAACP Confronts Environmental Racism in North Carolina


From Fracking to Coal Waste, NAACP Confronts Environmental Racism in North Carolina

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The NAACP announced this week it is launching a civil rights investigation into the disproportionate public health hazard that fracking and coal ash pollution pose to poor communities and people of color in one North Carolina county.

While specifically aimed at uncovering environmental racism in Stokes County, the probe has broad implications for a state whose coal waste contamination and just-greenlighted fracking tests have garnered nation-wide attention—and concern.


What is not mentioned in this article is the number of toxic waste incinerators that are located adjacent to poor neighborhoods across the nation that are populated by racial minorities. The incinerators are purposely located where the people have little-to-no power (money and the clout it carries) to stop them from being built. The water, air, and soil are poisoned as well as the lives of those living under the toxic cloud being compromised. Meanwhile, the residents of the "houses on the hill(s)’ remain unconcerned, uncaring, and ignorant of the conditions of their neighbors “down below.”


It is good to see that environmental justice has moved to the fore in NC since this was not one of the core issues of the state NAACP when Moral Mondays started. Good on the state environmental justice groups for working hard to get the NC NAACP to recognize that environmental issues disproportionately affected the poor and people of color and that environmental justice issues are intimately connected with economic and social justice issues and with racism.


NAACP needs to start fighting against Obama’s TPP and TTIP…yesterday, otherwise all of the problems addressed in this article will get much worse, as the TPP and TTIP-enabled corporate tribunals will make sure that any corporation that wants to put any dirty industryfrom an open pit mine to a powerplant in an impoverished neighborhood gets the green light.


The dynamics of something like Moral Mondays - the sheer need for full on paradigm shift and the need for support at the local level ripens the fruits into the scope of what is going on wherever we are.
From a personal level Jeffrey Brown provides a perspective and narrative with the wealth generated from direct experience.


Yup! You got that right.


What is wrong with poisioning poor and color people here in amerikkka?

1600 century - non-whites killed
1700 century - more non-whites killed
1800 century - more non-whites killed - thei lands stolen
1900 century- more non-whites killed - their lands stolen
2000 century - why change a system that has done a great job of promoting white supremacy?


Seatower: The system is working as it was designed.