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From Fracking to Wall Street Greed, Key Issues Up for Debate in New York



I think the fracking issue will be a much bigger in Pennsylvania where there is a lot of fracking. In New York fracking has been banned and the issues are about fracking infrastructure such a pipelines and storage facilities from natural gas that is from fracking in Pennsylvania. Fracking was a very big issue in New York in the Democratic primary for governor. Fortunately Andrew Cuomo was reelected, because if he had lost to Rob Astorino fracking would now be going on like gangbusters in New York State.


Tomorrow's headline in the Chicago Tribune:

"Hillary defeats Sanders!"

Let's party like it's 1948.


10 bucks several of Clinton's positions "evolve" between now and start time.


No, CNN and MSNBC have been making a major issue over the speaker at last night's rally who referred to those not supporting single payer as whores. Each time I checked into those stations today, that was the subject of the conversation. This will be brought up to put Bernie on the defensive at the outset.


I hope, that Bernie asks Hillary, what she means by pursuing a "more muscular foreign policy" than Obama.
See: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-iran-foreign-policy_us_55f05c2ae4b002d5c07786b2






A reminder of imperialism of the US in Haiti


Clinton also wants to focus on how her big corporate and banking bribes are helping Democrats while Bernie' is being greedy by not contributing more of his $27 people's contributions to the Dems. So she is just being helpful by taking huge bribes while Bernie is being miserly for not helping the party he's running in much. Does that imply that If he doesn't buy the sold out Democrats, they will continue to try to destroy his candidacy?


Some Hollywood couples get it. I can't figure out how Amal Clooney--as an International Human Rights Attorney--could see it as a positive thing to back Mrs. Clinton.

George has really missed the boat on this one. So much for his film, "Syriana."


" After Thursday's debate, Sanders is going to an academic conference at the Vatican. Meanwhile Clinton goes to a high rolling fundraiser."
That says it all.


my thoughts exactly. what the...? Brought my estimation of him and her down quite a bit. and they doubled down and had two... strange bedfellows, but the Clintons have been kissing up to Hollywood for a long time and the Clooneys certainly have a lot of money. perhaps money votes with money. Friends with friends. Too bad they've lost sight of what America really needs.

Syriana, indeed.

Maybe they drink too much, who knows?


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He wasn't exactly wrong for calling it as she is a wall street whore.


Oh please not another Reagan, but the thing that scares me the most about her is rigging the US election system.


Debate can stream at cnn. sounds like they might have stacked the deck, but we'll see.


"He can't come up with an example."

Except... he did. By basically citing your giving speeches to Goldman Sachs for $225,000. THAT IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW WALL STREET INFLUENCES YOUR DECISIONS.


Glad you're here. Dkos is infested with all Hill all the time. at least right now.

release the transcripts!


i did stand up to them. yeah, that's why their still too big too fail.

and now she's parroting Krugman and telling lies about Bernie.