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From Free CovidCare to Medicare For All: The Time is Now to Provide Health Care as a Public Good for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/04/free-covidcare-medicare-all-time-now-provide-health-care-public-good-all

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Bernie has it right: “There should be no billionaires!” Without mechanisms for facilitating such concentration of wealth, be it in health care, predatory lending, polluting industries that rape and pillage public lands, redlining “undesirables” out of “desirable” neighborhoods, voter suppression, and a whole host of things I have omitted, we would have a freer and flatter society that would still reward hard work, just not rapacious greed mislabeled as work. The billionaires are begging to be destroyed but thinking themselves to be immune. At some point in time their progeny will have to change their names and scurry to the safety of anonymity for the sins of the crimes of wealth concentration are too well documented. The eye of the needle shrinks with every passing second.


The remaining state primaries, not this author or any other author will determine if “the time is now to provide health care as a public good for all”, or if a majority of voters continue to be Stockholm Syndrome victims.

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A national pandemic should be focusing the public’s mind on healthcare and its costs and results but as the pressure eases the Healthcare Insurance Industry will be quick to claim just how great a job it did during the crisis and will be backed up in its narrative by Corporate Media. The fight to establish a universal healthcare system in this country must be fought by all citizens coming together in realizing just what is at stake for the future of them and their children if we as a nation continue down the road of a Corporate owned healthcare system.

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