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From Galápagos to Guam: US Military Bases are a Threat to Local Communities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/20/galapagos-guam-us-military-bases-are-threat-local-communities

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The sh t spread by the imperial footprint

I once asked a very pro-US friend from Guam how he could support a country that’s done so much harm to his homeland. He responded by calling the US something like the best colonizer Guam ever had. Sigh.

As for Ecuador, boy how I do miss Correa! I’ll never forget his response when the US asked for another base in his country — “OK, as soon as there is an Ecuadorean base in Miami.” Priceless!

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Thank you, Leilani! LETS close all the bases.

As in Wake Me When It’s Over, the film with the great Ernie Kovacs. A small, backwater post WWII base on a (fictional Japanese island), the Navy “colonizers” start a luxury hotel/spa, then get discovered by the Pentagon. They end up giving the newly upgraded island “back” to the natives, and there’s a happy ending. Not in real life.

You should worry more about the abandoned cars an trash piles that litter the island of Guam. These were not left by the military that defends you but by the local population that have zero regard for protecting the beauty of the island.

Hello, Leilani, I have been asked by Agent Orange Survivors of Guam (a Fb group) to write a book on toxic contamination on Guam. I have the support of many veterans, politicians, scientists, and health officials. I am gathering life stories of those affected; Senator Terlaje is working with me to gather such from the Chamorro population, as well as offering to send any pertinent information. Any assistance would be great. You can reach me at sam.deloach57@gmail.com. Thank you!