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From Good Works to Good Ideas: Educating the #SolutionaryGeneration

From Good Works to Good Ideas: Educating the #SolutionaryGeneration

Zoe Weil

Kids are doing all sorts of good works these days. More often than not their efforts are focused on:

1) Raising money for charities
2) Collecting and providing food and essentials to the poor, and/or
3) Participating in local clean-up efforts to protect neighborhood environments.

Such efforts are positive and should be encouraged. Yet because these good works rarely address the systems that cause injustice, suffering, and destruction, they are mostly band-aids, neither preventions nor cures.

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Thanks for this comment Tom. Appreciate that you liked my essay, and more that you are a teacher doing such good work. I will be speaking in Minneapolis at the SPEAK conference Oct. 26, and likely leading a teachers’ workshop on the 25th. Maybe we’ll get to meet.