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From Greta Thunberg to Parkland: Young Activists and the Right-Wing Smear Industry

From Greta Thunberg to Parkland: Young Activists and the Right-Wing Smear Industry

Christian Christensen

I recently hit the age of 50, but let me tell you one thing I don’t think as I enter the second half-century of my life: that younger citizens around me are lazy, apathetic, entitled snowflakes, ensconced in cocoons of political correctness. Younger citizens—and, yes, they are citizens even though they can’t vote—must navigate a social universe of public-ness, information overload and surveillance unthinkable to those of us who grew up in the pre-Internet, pre-social media era.

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The story beckons us to reflect on who we are as humans. The large majority of us would take an approach to humanity as a shared/sharing endeavor. Not so with the one percenters and the wannabes. They will spend part of their capital to remain in a holier than thou status.
I’m afraid that ever since our ancestors dwelled in caves, someone wanted, and even demanded a larger share of everything. Greed was born and since then, has never slept a wink.


From the article:

“…people under the age of 18 are more than just parental possessions or mini consumers. They are citizens with rights who deserve to be heard.”

Yes. And even more important, they are citizens who are righteously pissed off at the condition of the world they’re inheriting, and are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, which scares the 1% spitless—hence the organized venom.


I envision the Foxbots sitting on their cigarette-scarred plaid couches in their saturated Depends too afraid to leave their masters explaining repeatedly how terrified they need to be of the youth who question their values and their historical prerogatives. And I smile. Oh, the times they are a’changin’.


The man’s spot on, save for that last sentence.

They can imagine the damage

That’s why they try so viciously to do it.

I wonder why the rude right wingers seem to be full of hot air. Greta Thunberg showed that with science and commitment, even ONE person can change the world…I guess that’s a case of the saying, " and a little child shall lead them."
The Students from Parkland were amazing and I can’t think of many adults who would have banded together and turned a horror in positivity! Maybe the right wingers are just a variation on that old saying “Those who can do…” LOL, and even the rude attacks on Greta and the Parkland teens have no effect, because these students have met the enemy and then, THEY ORGANIZED! : )

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Sweet stories aren’t so sweet when you are ill informed, even at the age of 50. Greta is just a young girl, like many other young girls, who want to do some good for the environment, and just like all the other young people who have had the same aspirations, she was brainwashed and is helping big corporations instead of doing actual good for our environment. She’s young, she is leading by example, but not by good example. She’s been lied to and doesn’t know any better because her parents aren’t educated on the subject. What’s the excuse of every adult who continues the propaganda about the climate hoax. 50 year old woman, you need to get an education. What Greta should be fighting is chemtrails, big pharma and Monsanto’s pesticides. In fact, its what you should ALL be fighting. Educate YOURSELVES so you can educate the young ones.

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Just because you are attacked by the far right doesn’t mean your positions are any good. (You’d be in the company of HRC, Obama, even W, etc.)

Greta Thunberg is the young fresh face of the neoliberal “Climate Mobilization” TM with buddies like members of the World Economic Forum (those who dominate global capitalism), Bill Gates and Bono (good friend of W’s). She undoubtedly has no idea how she’s being used, but that doesn’t mean you should.


What’s going on here? One of the most important roles that the Democrats and Liberals have in the US and in global politics, is to crush (as in Occupy Wall Street), blunt or divert into a harmless (to capital) direction, social movements. And this time it 's the most important movement in history…

Climate hoax. Really? That sounds like Trump. It has been thirty years since James Hansen of the National Atmospheric and Space Administration (NASA) said in testimony before the Senate that on the basis of satellite data the polar icecap was shrinking due to human activity. Those who have eyes to see already see a pattern emerging in the form of record hurricanes and forest fires, but this is nothing compared with what today’s young people will experience 50 years from now. Even before that, Florida will have become submerged. Btw, I’m 91 years old.


Please don’t feed the professional trolls - especially against manifestly absurd conspiracy theories or PRATTs (points refuted a thousand times). Note that this person joined no more than an hour before this post, and if we don’t reply, we will never see “Observer” again.,

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Thing is both of these Greta and the Parkland kids are monumental game changers in a way no “grown up” can match, and acted out of deeply rooted and passionate convictions. i heard serious scientists say Greta has done more for the planet than all the governments did the last 20 years. she did too. i have rarely been so moved by anybody as by them.