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From 'I Alone Can Fix It' to 'Congress Must Fix It' to... 'This Is a Waste of Time'


From 'I Alone Can Fix It' to 'Congress Must Fix It' to... 'This Is a Waste of Time'

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Friday morning told Republican members of Congress to "stop wasting their time" on immigration reform, less than a day after two competing bills in the House (one worse than the other) both failed to pass despite the GOP majority.


What a complete idiot this man is…and to think he still manages to gain the support of 70% or more of registered Republican voters–which seems incredible to me. I thank trump for taking the mask off of the GOP and its supporters, who are obviously less-than-human lifeforms. If this is what passes as “American leadership” in the world, it is a good thing that trump is taking the country down the toilet as we have no moral authority to lead anything anymore. Legalized greed and corruption are the order of the day. I am so very ashamed of my government and how we now look in the eyes of the rest of the world with this arrogant, ignorant baffoon saying such stupid things 24/7. Hillary called it right: trump supporters (an enablers) are, indeed, a basket of deplorables.


45 makes 43’s “America’s strong, America’s proud” mantra read like a Shakespearean sonnet.


How many Republicans does it take to “screw in” a light bulb?

Actually, it cannot be done by any Republican.

Republicans only know how to “screw up” things.



The 70% figure you mention, do not believe it.

We can no longer trust any numbers TPTB, or the Media give us. They all have their own Crooked agendas and they control the “fake” polls.


What’s next? rump blaming his problems on the price of tea in China?
He’s a buffoon and needs to step down.


The nice thing about being a cult leader is you can say the craziest things and still be believed. In November it will be the Democratic political party versus the Trump cult (aka Republican Party) in the election. For people calling for change they sure got it. Sheer bliss I guess compared to what would have happened if it had been Hillary Clinton and a continuation of the status quo.


What does Trump being horrible have to do with Clinton? She was bad enough to lose to this monster. What else needs to be said at this point? Please, please move on. Learn the obvious lesson, don’t nominate someone like her moving forward and stop supporting people that want to put in place policies that cement a context that produced Trump. You don’t have to lecture the left about her losing, you have to appeal to (not shame) the large amount of people not voting, and you aren’t going to do that with someone pushing to maintain a status quo that has resulted in decades of stagnating wages, huge inequality, crumbling infrastructure, systematic corruption, among other things. We tried to warn you last time, you didn’t listen. Start listening.