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From Jersualem, A Letter to Jared Kushner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/16/jersualem-letter-jared-kushner


Mr. Godfrey-Goldstein, not to be facetious regarding your well-meaning letter, but I think you would get better results if you left your message in a crack on the Wailing Wall.

Kushner, his Father-in law and Netanyahu are not interested in Peace, they want the Palestinians to migrate to Jordan or into the Mediterranean Sea.

We will Never, Ever see a 2 State solution while the Bigot Bibi is Prime Minister and the Racist Trump is President.

Jared is just a useless Pawn.


The mental state of a murderer does not lend itself to being reasonable.

The Zionist murderers of Israel, lack any ability to reason why they shouldn’t continue to murder Palestinians.

By continuing to offer the state of Israel, money and weapons, the Duopoly government of the United States of America, supports the slaughter of Palestinians.

Saying it does not, does not make it so.


Sir, the letter-writer does not appear to be a “Mr.”

More importantly, in my judgement, this letter, from this source, sent to persons in Kushner’s position, forwarded to persons in authority here and abroad and then disseminated universally, are priceless.

My thanks to the writer.


Although I’ve been regularly invited to the US embassy’s July 4th celebrations, this year, together with most peace or human rights NGOs and other civil society representatives, I stayed away

Next year keep in mind that this July 4 is meant to celebrate greedy land thieves and pro-slavery racists–the minute England was out of the picture, they wasted no time in stealing more and more lands from the indigenous peoples to sell to enslavers to grow mainly cotton after buying and forcing more and more African and African American slaves to do this back breaking work. If you want to help the cause of the Palestinians it would be helpful not only not to ever celebrate the 4th but to make and articulate the similarities in the treatment of our respective indigenous communities.


My apologies to Ms. Angela Godfrey-Goldstein for referring to her as a male.

Great attempt at writing a beautiful letter of Peace, unfortunately I fear it will only fall on Deaf Ears.

Peace between the the Palestinians and Israel is unachievable in the next decade at least.

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Trump must stay awake at night wondering why we don’t continue to kill native Americans or steal more of their treaty lands.
He might say: “We have the disgusting attitude and plenty of guns, why don’t we use them?”
His stupid nuclear weapons statement in mind.

not a bad letter, but you also need to send a letter to Arab and Palestinian leaders advocating that they too recognize the need for compromise and give up their dream of destroying Israel and killing or expelling its Jewish population, and recognize the Israeli narrative including the half of Israeli Jews descendants of those who were thrown out of Jerusalem, Hebron etc when the Arabs had control and eliminated 100% of the Jewish presence there as was done in most Arab lands (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen…) as well as asking them to stop demonizing Jews, denying Jewish history, stop celebrating when terrorists murder Israeli civilians, stop accumulating and firing missiles into Israel in hopes of killing as many as possible, stop digging tunnels under the border to kill Israelis. You might write to Iranian leaders too and ask them to stop the “death to Israel” chants.
Unless steps are taken by BOTH sides, peace movements are doomed to failure and improvements in anyone’s lives is going to be impossible. As you know Israeli majorities will not make significant unilateral concessions to make it easier for Palestinians to force them out.

An excellent letter. Unfortunately, our president wouldn’t be able to read it - too many big words. And as for his snot-nosed son-in-law…he may very well not bother to read it. Why should he? His only concern is lining his own pockets.

Brilliant, inspiring letter. In the current scientific and philosophical Quantum Perspective, these “Pearls of wisdom” might have a " butterfly effect" in transforming the ethical consciousness of a tragically misinformed, fear-based, misled culture of mass destruction.