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From Juanita Broaddrick to Tara Reade: In Forty Years Has Nothing Changed at All?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/10/juanita-broaddrick-tara-reade-forty-years-has-nothing-changed-all


Wow, I guess these politicians figured if JFK did it, so could they.: (

NO, it seems that nothing has changed for women, and in fact, many men seem to want to control the bodies of women in America by rolling back Roe V Wade. I wonder—how many of these men have daughters? If they paint all women as bringing these negative actions on themselves-----what would they do if their own daughters were raped?

And to have an attacker on the Supreme Court—wow Kavanaugh, and YOU have teen aged daughters too. Maybe elected officials need to have tracking devices on at all times—you know, like prisoners do when they are released and go back out in the public. Ankle bracelets for politicians-------hey someone could build a huge and profitable corporation on that idea! : )



Expanding on this article there are some 14 women that have come forwards claiming sexual assault by Bill Clinton. This article references a Hilary Clinton statement that the #metoo meme did not apply to Bill Clinton , implying he was innocent . Indeed a number of these women claimed to being bullied by Hilary to keep their mouths shut.

In the book “Hell to pay” the author details how it was Hilary that spearheaded a campaign to slander Bill Clintons accusers and dig up dirt on them.

Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator with Hilary acting to help cover up his crimes and or excuse them as she put becoming “First Lady” as more important to her then what happened to those women. People elected a serial rapist to President , almost elected Hilary Clinton his enabler to that office and in rejecting her as President voted instead for another sexual predator.

The choice today is alleged rapist versus alleged rapist and none of this seems to matter for those people that vote for either of these on election day. What we see instead is columnists appearing on various news sites suggesting that any who refuse to vote Biden are somehow Fascists , working for Putin and voting for trump.


Funny, how they went after Al Franken (oh, yeah… HE was a progressive; for universal healthcare, cognizant of AGW and what it will take to mitigate it, FOR a living wage; equitable redistribution as well as FIRE Sector regulations, ceasing Imperialist wars, extractive GE monoculture agriculture and police/ judicial subjugation of Black, Latino & poor whites?) OK, he’s a sexual preditor, alright. It’s not JUST DNC™ LLC & Koch’s wholly-owned DCCC I’m hating for destroying our lives, but the complicit, totally corrupt, Liberal hypocrites, who intentionally keep installing Trump, Shrub (Cheney), Reagan (Poppy Bush) & blame actual lifelong Democrats.


What the handling of the Tara Reade allegations has shown us is that women dont matter at all and victims matter even less. In fact, this seems to never have been about women or victims, it’s just that these two groups have been exploited as tools for political expediency. And for some Has-Beens like Alyssa Milano, as a vehicle to remain relevant.

I have seen an appalling amount of hypocrisy and nauseating levels of double standards here. It genuinely makes me sad to think that the whole MeToo movement was basically just… fake. The few people who have been consistent are right now being vilified and maligned by the fascist BlueMAGA crowd not unlike how the actual MAGA crowd has been bullying and vilifying victims and those who believe them… From wanting people to get fired (Chris Hayes) for merely suggested we talk about this to calling into investigation of journalists by the FBI to bullying of anyone who defends Reade. And then they call Trump fascist, which he is. But if you are running a campaign on character and all that, you cannot be a liability yourself and show anything less than stellar character.

Isn’t it ironic that with all the talks about “Toxic Bernie Bros” and supposed “Sexist Sanders” (even and especially by Liz Warren supporters) it turns out that it is actually their own Establishment candidate who is a sexual predator with seriously credible sexual assault allegation against him?

I especially find the irony delicious for Warren supporters who were foaming and blistering at the mouth about how mean and sexist Sanders and his supporters are and who then overwhelmingly ended up voting for Biden in the primaries after she dropped out on grounds that Sanders is sexist. Look at them now, they are forced to either admit they were wrong and been had or tie themselves in knots with formidable levels of cognitive dissonance pretending that Biden isn’t a predator and Elizabeth Warren an opportunistic rape apologist.

I honestly cannot think of a more poetic and deserving justice for those Warren supporters than this. It really couldnt have happened to a nicer group of people. I thoroughly enjoy watching them eat sh!t every minute of every day trying to reconcile that to the world, and above all, to themselves. In fact I find the selling out and decay of their own supposed principles in real time the best thing about this. People like Sarah Kendzior, who were all fawning over Warren for her track record of standing up for women and how she supposedly got Chris Matthews out, are now mums. Quiet. Not a word about Biden or that their hero not only endorsed the guy but also said “I believe Joe Biden” after all her talk about believing women no matter what.


Bill Clinton logged 26 flights on the ‘Lolita Express,’ Jeffrey Epstein’s private 737, apparently on several occasions ditching his Secret Service contingent.

Bill Clinton, it should be recalled, initially denied having consensual sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, just as he denied allegations of sexual assault leveled at him by multiple accusers over the years. Then, of course, his DNA was found in semen on one of Lewinsky’s dresses. And that’s why he was impeached – for being a proven liar.

Hillary’s many lies in this regard are legion.

Also defending Bill Clinton were Gloria Steinem and Joy Behar.
#MeToo is now a farce.
Same with #BelieveWomen.
The d-party has proven themselves to hypocritical opportunists no different, once again, from the r-party.


This is a story that needs to be well covered and this author is doing the right thing. I’d change that last paragraph, though. It’s not really as if the metoo movement didn’t happen. It’s that the movement is again cheapened, weakened by the Dems to put politics before principles. It makes the metoo movement look as if it was just as the Trump Death Cult has suggested, largely just a political ploy to discredit Kavanaugh and Trump. It’s just one more reason to reject what the Dems have become.


What gets me is that IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. Biden doesnt have to be the nominee. We are presented with a false choice. Clearly there is time to make someone else the nominee. This isn’t like the last week of October, we still have time. Refusing to handle that and still stick with Biden, now that is a choice!

So if we lose, Democrats cannot blame anyone but themselves because they refused to act when they had the chance to. All this proves that Democrats would rather lose with Biden than win with Sanders and that they actually prefer Trump over Sanders! I am not sure that most people, even the foolish voters who lined up for RapeyBiden, are aware of the insidiousness of the Democrats here and the unconscionable at this point gamble they are taking. For all their talk about needing to beat the most dangerous man in US history, they sure are doing everything they can to make sure he gets re-elected.


Video after video of MIA Joe with his grabby-ass hands and face all up in the bidness of women looking uncomfortable as hell.

Seven accusers besides Tara Reade labeling The Invisible Man’s behavior as inappropriate.

Far more credible contemporary corroboration of Tara Reade’s story than Christine Blasey-Ford’s.

CYA calls for an investigation of Tara’s allegations, but not for the unsealing of Uncle Joe’s Senate records from former #MeToo diehards.

Yep, the Democrats prefer Trump to Sanders – some have come out to pretty much say so:



Every word Reade has ever uttered is being put under the magnifying lens and scrutinized, every single thing about her and her life is being used to discredit her, but no one looks at Biden’s track record and applies the same level of scrutiny to him and his many lies and fabrications and, as you mention, his on-track record of breathing down women’s necks while they squirm and inappropriately touching them and making shady remarks etc. He is off limits but not the victim.

Megyn Kelly asked Reade if she would take a lie detector test. Think about that: asking a victim to take a lie detector test but not the accused. Like she was some criminal who had to prove her innocence. has anyone asked Biden take one? Of course not.


I liked Tara’s answer on that (I have not seen the whole interview) - that this sends a bad message but she’d take one if Biden takes one first. I guess we all know if Biden is capable of a leadership position on that front.


The supporters of Biden are utter frauds. They did very much the same thing to Clintons accusers wherein they sent out legions of peoples to dig up dirt on the accusers and referred to them as liars and tramps. When the Republicans pull this stunt these voices scream about women being victimized again and how they should be believed rather then have people try and discredit them and dig up the dirt.

Then there the utter frauds that write long articles as to how Biden has to be supported because Trump is dangerous and a Fascist. Bindens “shortcomings” are to be ignored for the greater good. Yeah right. In these peoples minds nothing disqualifies any Candidate for being President just as long as s/he not Trump. Women are being told “For the good of the Country shut up about rape allegations unless we tell you when it the time to make rape allegations”. The victims of rape are seen as tools to advance a given political agenda and nothing more and the Republicans and Democrats both play this dirty game.


Oh, believe me, “someone” is taking a thorough look at Biden’s track record.
That “someone” is the Trump 2020 campaign infrastructure, especially right wing PACs.

MIA Joe’s touchie-feelie creepiness.
The multiple accusers.
Joe’s words, post fingering, to Tara Reade: “you’re nothing.”
Hunter Biden’s sinecure in Ukraine, his drug-related dishonorable discharge, his baby mama.
Joe’s record of being a conservative and a warmonger.
They’ll all be front and center in ads that just write themselves.

Because Trump voters don’t care that he cheats on his wife and wantonly grabs pussy.
And they will fall in line when Trump runs to Biden’s left on issue after issue, a 2016 replay.
Meanwhile, Joe Dementio will leave his cave long enough to stumble through a debate ass-whipping.


I did a quick Google search for “Biden”, much of what’s coming out of the mainstream media is reporting on how:

Tara Reade’s allegation against Joe Biden is so vague it’s impossible to investigate

And how a Biden victory is assured because:
Biden’s lead is the steadiest on record

With the reprehensible Bill Maher, being portrayed as the voice of wisdom :
Maher to Tara Reade on timing of sexual assault allegation: ‘Why wait until Biden is our only hope?’

If a Biden victory is so assured, why are Democrats so vigorously trashing Tara Reade. If Biden is such a supporter of women’s rights, why the hell isn’t he asking his team to refrain from the abuse they are reigning down on Tara Reade?

If there is such a unity of support around Biden, why are his supporters so vehement in the vitriol the spew against anybody who calls into question Biden or the Democrat’s center-right Party platform?

As to Mahers dissembling, the fact is that Tara Reade complained about Biden’s assault at the time, and raised it again, a year ago. The question is Why did Maher, and others, ignore her then? The other lie is that ‘its too late’, and ‘We have no other option’. Bullshit, the nominee has not be chosen.

Maybe the Party’s right-leaning leadership is right, and the exponential expanding anti-Trump sentiment will carry Biden to victory. But, if, as I believe, Biden loses, the Dems are certain to put the blame on Tara Reade, Sanders, the Greens, progressives, and Putin just as Hillary Clinton continues to blame Putin, Sanders, the Greens, etc. (ttps://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/oct/24/hillary-clinton-called-me-a-russian-asset-the-establishment-is-losing-their-grip)


Biden’s lead is a reflection of sidelining Joe somewhere in a cave, while Trump mismanages Covid19.

When Biden replays Hillary’s 2020 game plan – trying to peel off moderates in the suburbs by running from the center right – the d-party will once again be reminded that when offered a choice between Repub and Repub Lite, moderate voters happily swill the full calorie brand.

So once again, the d-party has to hope and pray that not being as bad as Trump will be their salvation. Ask Hillary how that went.



For people who’ve been talking about how trauma and PTSD inform the decisions of survivors to come forward and how many don’t actually have any incentive to come forward given how they are treated, etc, they sure now pretend to know nothing of any of that and throw the same lines at Reade that Lindsey Graham threw at Ford.

As to Maher’s points:

  1. Tara Reade gave her interview to Rising with Krystal Ball over 40 days ago and actually even before that talked about it but no one would want to hear her out, even Time’s up shut the doors in her face and no mainstream media goon cosplaying journalists wanted to even talk to her,
  2. Biden ISNT the nominee
  3. As I said above, it is not like a week before the election where it is really too late. It is months before it. So Maher’s reasoning, if one can call it that, is deeply flawed since he is acting like we don’t have a choice
  4. Biden is actually NOT our best chance at beating Trump. That is just delusional.

Maher does make a good point which is why should the victimization of one woman supersede that of a whole nation. Ok. Fair enough. But I would buy this argument if the allegations against Biden were made a week before the election, not 8 months before it!!!. So f-ck you Bill Maher.

The silver lining is that this crisis has removed the veil from a lot of these hypocrites. They have single handedly done more damage to the MeToo movement and victims than kavanaugh and Trump combined.


No, nothing has changed and in some ways it has gotten worse—the latest duplicity of a movement that was supposed to help victims is one example.

Most of the people I know don’t know or care to know about Juanita Broaddrick.

I am so grateful for this article.

We need to talk about this and bring it into the light.
It should never (like countless other atrocities) have been pushed under the rug.

I’ve been thinking about Juanita B. after she expressed her support for Tara Reade and found an old Dateline NBC which is linked in this Vox article:

This should be required viewing/reading. We must not forget these stories, these allegations that were dismissed at the expense of the victims, future victims and our culture itself.

This should have disqualified Bill and Hillary from ever being in positions of power.
Should have sent Bill Clinton to jail.

And Hillary is front and center once again campaigning for biden in the 2,800 + Zoom fundraiser.

We’ve lived our lives in this country with predators (on many levels) in leadership positions since its inception . . positions of power and control.

Not much has changed for my young adult daughter with biden as the chosen candidate to defeat trump. It literally repulses me that in 2020 this is where were are.

Here is an excerpt (my bold) from an excellent article by Elise Swain:

“We face an impossible choice and feel disgust at being put in this position.”

“It’s a mind-fuck.” Gira Grant said, about the inevitable choice between Trump and Biden. “I want to appreciate how that feels and how uncomfortable that is. I think it’s just, like, ripping something back about our culture and our politics and revealing it to us. I don’t think it’s necessarily new.”

"Yet it isn’t surprising. Biden’s inability to admit fault — he has said , “I am not sorry for anything I have ever done” — simply shows that he is a byproduct of an institution of impunity. America, too, doesn’t do apologies. Reparations for black people and native people are nowhere in sight. We didn’t prosecute torture and we won’t prosecute war crimes. The cancer at the core of this nation is one of fundamental injustice, hidden beneath platitudes of freedom, liberty, and equality for all. To remove Biden would be to indict American exceptionalism itself.

Liberals like Biden, who believe that America’s divisions can be healed by a new president, don’t see this country as built on exploitation. To understand how we heal, we have to view America through the painful lens of wrongs committed. Accountability must be viewed as a feminist issue, especially in a nation that wove oppression into every fiber of its flag.

America should live in shame until we admit fault, recognize hurt, and ask for forgiveness. Joe Biden can go first.



well, one thing has changed:

We’ll believe anyone whose accusation politically damages our enemies!

I mean, the Right believed Paula Jones, yes?

It’s disappointing that corporatized identity politics still places political partisanship higher than feminism.


Hi Steve,

I was just about to post a comment here about Bill Maher after an article featuring his latest revolting rant showed up in my inbox yesterday from a vote blue no matter what friend.

This was the unwanted article: (h)ttps://www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-rips-democrats-for-caring-about-tara-reade-accusadateltions-exactly-what-republicans-want/

I’ve lost friends over trump (neighbors who support trump) and now it seems like I may be losing friends over Biden because I am being repeatedly, harshly shamed for not blindly supporting Biden.

It was bad enough I was being shamed just on that premise alone but by including the racist, misogynist, patriarchal, zionist Bill Maher as justification/rationale???
I couldn’t stop myself from responding and drawing a line in the sand with this now (most likely) ex friend.

I’ve spent a huge portion of my life working with victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and child abuse. I refuse to be shamed for supporting victims and not wanting to help place potential predators in positions of power.

What is happening right now with biden forced upon us as candidate is beyond the pale. And it extends beyond this allegation to his policies. The shaming for those of us who cannot accept Joe Biden as a choice is unacceptable.

The shame and blame needs to rest solely on the power structures in this country founded on genocide and slavery-----and that includes the Democratic Party power structure.

And WTF??? Bill Maher? How can anyone take that sleazy individual seriously?

This is the kind of stuff that renders me feeling like it is utterly hopeless in this country----that collapse is imminent (happening now?) and unavoidable.




Thanks, Kaylie. You’ve expressed my sentiments exactly. It’s my sense that movement to end abuse of women, advances for women’s rights, and an end to patriarchy, will come from grassroots community based movements, not from the duopoly.