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From Lack of Paid Maternity Leave to 'Hell' of Student Debt, North Korea Catalog of US Rights Violations Makes Convincing Case

From Lack of Paid Maternity Leave to 'Hell' of Student Debt, North Korea Catalog of US Rights Violations Makes Convincing Case

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just as U.S.

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Well now…finally someone calls the U.S. out on it’s increasing human rights violations! Hope this has a ripple effect!


The White Paper is correct but North Korea, itself is no fountain of human rights! The difference is that the US hypocritically spouts human rights concerns to the rest of the World, while it has a cesspool of human rights abuse systemically present in its own society.


IOWs Obama’s legacy. This is the failure of both major political parties. Take note too, all these came from recent headlines – from our MSM.

"Soaring school expenses," which “are plunging the students into the hell of loans”;
The number of deaths caused by the “flu, lung diseases, and asthma”;
Pay disparities between men and women;
Rampant sexual abuse; and
Homelessness and “number of the poor families living in rented rooms devoid of elementary facilities for living.”


One thing that Trump and his party have in common with Kim Jong Un.
None of them gives a rat’s ass about their people.


The “White Paper” sounds like something written by progressives in the U.S. I can’t ignore the bombastic rhetoric of Kim Jong Un, even if he’s taking lessons from Donald Trump, and I have trouble accepting the implication that North Koreans are better off than Americans with regard to the things mentioned in the paper. I would like to see objective reporting about conditions in North Korea. Can anyone persuasively argue that the country doesn’t conceal the truth about life there?

You gotta watch them progressives.


Is there any place worse than North Korea on human rights. Who has any rights in North Korea except Kim-Jong Un? I think the answer is nobody. I would say North Korea needs to get its house in order before criticizing any country on human rights. The US on paper is good on human rights compared to many countries but the economic inequality is worse than in any developed country, although it is much worse in many developing countries including China, and the criminal justice system is affected by racism as are just about all aspects of US society.

It is very sad to say that North Korea’s criticism of the United States is all true.The rest of the world is saying the same thing, but their governments are frightened to say it, because they fear being put on the US shit list. At home, people who speak the truth are quickly told by the brain dead Trump supporters, " If you don’t like it, go live somewhere else." That is the exact advice given to people in Germany who apposed Adolf Hitler. These folks are going to see how small their numbers are in November. There are going to be some big changes made.


Here is a side to NK that we don’t or are not allowed to see.

Direct Democracy

I guess you can say “it takes one to know one”.


You are just repeating US propaganda. NK is not be a democracy, but can we really trust what the incredibly biased corporate media and US politicians and agencies say about life there? Maybe it is a really brutal place, but unfortunately, the US corporate media, the CIA, the State Dept, and US Congress cannot be trusted to be truthful - so I am skeptical things are all that bad there.

Consider how the US corporate media, unanimously, shouts over and over again - to the point that even Bernie repeated it, and is accepted like the sky being blue, that the current government of the Republic of Venezuela is a “socialist dictatorship” even though it is no more socialist than Sweden, and the PSUV has been elected and re-elected over and over again through elections that monitors with the Carter Center have called most transparent, well run and fairest in the world. Yet there are economic sanctions and travel bans on Venezuela, (but none on Norway or Sweden, for some reason) while real dictatorships and human rights violators like Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala, and El Salvador get praise and immediate US recognition.

Then there is Hamas, which is “terrorist” and Fatah and the hapless spineless Abbas, for which calling them terrorist would not pass the laugh test so instead Official US Government Contempt for unspecified reasons is heaped on them anyway. Consequently, the hatred of the entire Palestinian people becomes a sort of conventional wisdom, and to even suggest that they might be justifiably fighting for their freedom and to drive US-sponsored armed robbers off their land is to be reviled as “anti Semitic”.

So no, I don’t trust anything that comes out of the US foreign policy, military, and spy establishment and the corporate media that fawns over them.


Can you provide links to any documented, corroborated, reliable reports from independent, non-government researchers of Kim Jong Il killing millions of people?

And just for arguing, what if Kim Jong Il had killed a million people, but he were a capitalist “free market” dictator, do you think that there would have been any official objection to N Korea’s human rights situation at all?

Recal how, outside of obscure researchers and church groups on the left, at various times from the early 1960s to the present, did you EVER hear anything bad about the human rights situation of capitalist dictatorships of Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua (before the democratic Sandinista government, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatamala, Cuba (before Castro and Che), Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and more recently, Syria and Myanmar? Yet, the “pro-free market” leaders of these places altogether murdered over ten million!


Why is our oligarchy threatening nuclear war with NK? What has NK done to the average American?

Is having lost 30% of its population in our Korean war reason for NK to build nukes and avoid becoming another Iraq?


For as long as the US keeps uncharged, untried prisoners in Cuba it is in no position to point the finger at N.Korea for infringement of human rights. At one time they actually had children imprisoned there.


Perhaps the problem is the obscene, environmental destructive amount of lighting used in the capitalist states either side. I see ample amount of lighting in Pyongyang, and numerous small towns. That is probably what the USA would have looked like before the invention of the mercury and sodium vapor light, and the obsession with lighting starting in the 1960s. Bright lights that prevent you from enjoying the wonder of a dark starry night represent a better quality of life how???


whoops, gotta take back that “like”. That was meant for Yunzer’s excellent reply.

Keep in mind that North Korea was held down by West and East Germany was held down by the USSR. And both were bombed to Smithereens before that. Not an equal start nor equal conditions so the outcomes can’t be a valid comparison of their respective economic systems.
A better comparison may be between Cuba and Puerto Rico after their hurricanes…


Remind me. When was the last time Trump executed people he disagreed with with anti-aircraft guns…


If there was ever A time for A man like Armand Hammer to appear on the scene, the time is now…