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From Mexico to Palestine and Beyond, a Global Demand for #WorldWithoutWalls

From Mexico to Palestine and Beyond, a Global Demand for #WorldWithoutWalls

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Demonstrations across the globe denounce walls erected by powerful governments as "monuments of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination, and exploitation"

#WorldWithoutWalls demonstrators

While I sincerely concur with the sentiment of these demostrations, I feel obliged to add a snarky and sarcastic remark such as the following:

‘No more walls! No more borders! No more private property either! One world, one human race… all under the leadership of the Trumps, Clintons, Putins, Kochs, Zuckerbergs, Rockafellers, Rothschilds (etc) of the world. It’ll be GREAT!’

Keep on your toes, folks, and question where some of these supposedly progressive drives come from. Not saying #WorldWithoutWalls has these could-be dark roots, but it makes a fantastic example of what to be questioning in the days and years ahead.

The Israeli apartheid wall in Palestine is one thing. Another is the knock on the door at 4:000 A…M. and the Palestinians told to get their things together (They have less stuff than most of us.) and get out because the bulldozers will come and destroy their house for a settlement for European Jews. How’s that for Jewish justice?

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I don’t even like signs !

Trails are OK - especially faint ones.

Best sometimes - no trail at all.

But heh - I’m social - sometimes company and nice easy trail is really nice - and company too.

Good luck with this no walls initiative -

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Tax the rich and let them pay for their walls and wars they get us into

God bless the sole of Rachelle Corrie for her dedication to justice for Palestinian until her gruesome run over by Israeli bulldozer driver.

Exactly, corporations have mountains of unused cash to hire the most potent sons of bitches advertising agencies to use Edward Bernays sick methods over and over on their corporate owned TV stations like Fox news.