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From Military Jets to Snipers, Icelanders—Who Live in World's Most Peaceful Country—Shocked by All the Guns Surrounding Mike Pence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/05/military-jets-snipers-icelanders-who-live-worlds-most-peaceful-country-shocked-all

You have to love it! Pence welcomed to Iceland with Pride flags.


Yo, Mike:

If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to be afraid of.


What a loathesome spectacle.


Trump is now largely expendable, having already provided as much distraction as needed for the GOP to stack the courts and cut taxes to enable the 1% to overturn any legislation they dislike.

Pence is the 1%'s choice to step in and implement a neofeudal theocracy. They will protect him with whatever it takes.


I hope some of the other countries might consider not permitting Trump or Pence to enter their countries. Unfortunately I live in the United States. The only thing we can do is to deport them to some hell hole on earth.


Icelandic newspaper Fréttirnar sez:
“Americans intended to give every Reykjavik citizen a paralyzing drug during Pence’s visit.”

Wonder if it’s the same paralyzing drug given to Halfpence himself. The cardboard cutout Chump usually keeps around the West Wing for photo ops seems a bit worse for wear after being shuttled through Ireland and jetted around the globe for several days.


and the dopey doped-dope had nothing of any significance to say.


Typical right wing, cold eyed thug. Just another worthless U.S. politician.

A shame that taxpayers have to foot the bill for this scum.


All Mobsters have to have “security”.


An awful waste of money. Who would ever want to assassinate the walking dead when everybody knows that zombies are dead already?


Yet another U.S. global embarrassment.


A true waste of resources on a waste of human flesh.


There is a reason for Pence’s military debut in Iceland, Iceland is situated close to the north pole and Greenland where the US intends to exploit and plunder what’s beneath the melting snows.


But will a democrat in the White House one day be able to control the military beyond what control the right-wing establishment has garnered?
Will the cabal relinquish anything, ever?
Or will that president be there at the behest of that cabal and mostly follow orders?

A bit cynical, I know. But how are people with at least some sense of reality supposed to act? Pretend that we don’t know what goes on, so we can live in peace? Or do we do a great big dust up and try to undo things?

In Iceland we could have entered with a peace offering, a symbol of good will.
Instead we bring a show of force.
And we are supposed to be proud fucking Americans. My heart sinks on days like this.


Guns and thugs can’t protect this VPMP from his own God though…


A natural question, I think –

Given IKE’s comments – which have been buried and ignored largely
by our free press.

And what we actually see day after day of the Pentagon/MIC presence in the lives
of Americans and all over the world –

800 outposts? And likely by intimidation of the host countries.

How many “illegal wars of aggression” by US still burning, smoking, maiming, murdering?

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Is US/CIA officially the most violence country in the world as yet –

Including the violence we export, of course –


Peace is totally out of the picture ever since Vietnam. The military and the government can’t get over the fact that they cannot “win at war” nah it is more complicated and includes “follow the money” Perpetual Wars are just too lucrative and the military is the biggest money laundering company in the business.
Plus ever since 24 and his side kick bolton, it is out in the open that “we are the chosen people” so world opinion of the oosa is irrelevant.

Many more bullshit wars I’m afraid. We may have gone beyond the tipping point of democratically controlling our military.
The lack of citizen awareness is appalling. We are lethargic in our responses. We have become, “Comfortably numb.”

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