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From Military Jets to Snipers, Icelanders—Who Live in World's Most Peaceful Country—Shocked by All the Guns Surrounding Mike Pence

gand –

The lack of citizen awareness is appalling. We are lethargic in our responses. We have become, “Comfortably numb.”

Can agree – but not sure that that’s where the public wants to be.

Think they are trying to wake up – and there are many examples of activism
here to look at – Abolitionists – Suffragettes – African-American battle for Human/Civil Rights.
Women’s movement/ERA – Gay/Lesbian movement for Human/Civil Rights.

How many movements were begun for the planet – yet they do not all come together!!
This HAS to happen very soon.

Then there’s Fluoride in the water – Chemtrails spewing stuff all over us and the land –
And the fact that so much of the population is married – and often with children –

And in place is right wing government which continues to create new problems – and I
include Bill Clinton and Obama in that – where Welfare Guarantees were destroyed,
as well as Guaranteed Unemployment Benefits – Social Security has been under attack –
Health Care industry has found more ways to steal from the public – Big Pharma’s big
prices for medications – all of which continues to increase homelessness in US.

The longer we wait, the less power we have to strike back – that seems clear.

. . . . . . .

Many here know these things – but repeating for those who may not …

Think it’s Fletcher Prouty who says that IKE was also warning of “Intelligence”
complex as well as the MIC, but after reinserting it twice into his speech, it was
twice more removed.

Imo, there was a coup on FDR which also removed Henry Wallace and substituted Truman.
Truman didn’t have a VP from the time he became succeeded to the presidency in April 1945
until after the 1948 election (Alben W. Barkley).
Which is likely the way it should be done, rather than Nixon’s appointing Jerry Ford as his VP
and then resigning. Ford was a totally “unelected” VP and President.
Nixon’s VP Spiro Agnew was force to resign for bribery and corruption.

Truman had John McCloy watching over him for the right wing –
So came A-bombs on Japan which reportedly FDR was against.

Eisenhower stepped in to end the war in Korea –
Ike was betrayed by MIC/Intelligence in the Gary Powers’ affair where he
was sent up on a U-2 mission over Russia despite Ike having made clear
that no U-2 flights were to be made prior to the Paris Peace Meeting.
And, as Powers makes clear, without his prior knowledge, he found that ID
and documents were included in his gear which absolutely was not to happen.
Wasn’t the first or last MIC/CIA betrayal of Ike –

And then of course JFK and many betrayals there – including Bay of Pigs –
and ultimately coup.

When the last of the liberals and moderates in Congress in the 1970’s continued
to try to investigate the JFK assassination and the CIA (See: Frank Church Senate
Hearings) imo they were targeted by the NRA which likely was taken over by the CIA
and pointed in new directions.

Comfortably Nunb you say?

…with a twist…

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Note: I was in the small, two story military museum in Moscow. I was walking on the second floor, turned a corner, and was stunned. There, lying behind a display case, was the wreckage of Power’s U2!! And behind the glass case, was Power’s I.D., wristwatch, and other paraphernalia.

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Were you in Moscow recently? Very interesting –

Gary Powers wrote a book telling the truth of the whole thing –
but the lie of the “official” government story continues to hang around.

Those in power who love war didn’t want the Paris Peace Talks to go forward.
And didn’t the Donald knock out another of the arms agreements the other day?
We keep hearing that Bolton is just mad to start a war. I can believe it!!

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I was in Russia many years ago when I went to the museum, which, incidentally, is surrounded by old military weapons on display-missiles, artillery, submarine, etc. Most of the interior displays are devoted to the communist revolution beginning in 1917, and WWII. Nothing, as I recall, about the U.S. military invasion of eastern Russia in the 1930’s.