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From NAFTA to TPP, Canada Hasn't Learned From Free Trade Mistakes


From NAFTA to TPP, Canada Hasn't Learned From Free Trade Mistakes

Sujata Dey

Barbed wire still protects the cracked pavement where an abandoned John Deere plant used to operate in Welland, Ontario. The building, still standing, is testimony to the Niagara region's former status as a manufacturing powerhouse.

(You can see the ruins of that once-prosperous period for yourself in the pictures of Fiona McMurran and Terry Nicholls.)


Again all of these articles suggesting these as mistakes or errors, or misguided policy.

It is crystal clear to those in power what the results of these "Free trade deals" are. Those formulating the policy are not that stupid. It is also crystal clear they persist in them because what they tell the public about them has nothing to do with the true intent.

The Corporations are demanding these things and the Government jumps because THAT is their constituency. The very fact that just as in the US , the Government of Canada negotiates these deals in secret, with Corporate board members acting as advisors and with no input form the working class is all you need to know.


Didn't you just knew that Canada's new Prime Minister was a plutocratic Capitalist.

New boss same as the old boss. Appointees of the oligarchy one and all.


Thanks for that, I will read more thoroughly later. This was skimmed over at morning coffee before work:)


Like other issues, progressives must repeatedly remind everyone of the corporate thuggery undermining democracy.
Free traders are a zealous, extremist religion - sometimes they are called neoliberals or raw capitalists. Their faith in their right to dominate us all is unassailable by logic or evidence. Authoritarian, their ideology is power and control for profit at all costs.
Keep up the good fight all!