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From Never Forget to Never Remember: Kellyanne Conway's Invented Bowling Green Massacre Spawns Faux Vigils


From Never Forget to Never Remember: Kellyanne Conway's Invented Bowling Green Massacre Spawns Faux Vigils

Jon Queally, staff writer


Awesome story to read. Love some of the tweets. Conway really thought she could bullshxt freely or get a new meme started on the Right, maybe both.


Nuckin-Futs, if you ask me.


"... historian Juan Cole on Friday warned that there is nothing ultimately funny about what the administration is now doing.

"This detachment from reality and extreme violence to the facts," wrote Cole, "will eventually come back around to bite America on the ass.""

Any person with mild historical curiosity knows the the collapse of a terrorist military empire like the United States leads to police and military attack on the people. This translates to tens of millions killed in a country as large as the US.

Eventually the troops learn that their own neighborhoods and families have been exterminated by police from other cities and neighborhoods who were trained to see their parents and friends as the enemy.

At that point, the police and military return home to defend what is left from remaining armed government sociopaths. When the people finally defeat organized government violence they go on the hunt for those who engineered death and destruction.

There is one way out, if humanity has matured enough. Conscious full speed social evolution that leaves partisan politics behind.


Maybe they could put aside a few minutes for victims of the actual massacre of late in Quebec. Can't Help But think it was influenced by the xenophobic rhetoric state-side. Right KC2669?


"There is one way out, if humanity has matured enough. Conscious full speed social evolution that leaves partisan politics behind."

I have been thinking and talking about conscious evolution for 20 years - initially with respect to activities that negatively impact the environment. Not much has changed. Anyone paying any attention has seen this coming for years. I wish I felt more hopeful.

And then, in more optimistic moments, I remember that the Berlin Wall did come down!


Sure. You see that tutorial I offered on leg intent? Or you still yelling in the bar, nips? Good times.


Don't you remember?? The first world war, not WW1, But the first one.. the one that was never fought!
Of course you don't remember it, your looking at our history through the lens of the conqueror. And sure, If Trump installs a military dictatorship and successfully launches his empire (like all of his thriving businesses) Then sure he or his successor will write about how it all started with his own revolutionary war, his war for independence, but I'm not consigning myself to that future, maybe its because I am younger, more optimistic, more naive or maybe not so close to death. But don't lie your tired bones down yet, because, even though we may be young and the envy of the aged we need you as much as we need water. For support, For guidance, For Numbers


never drank a drop in my life


Had me confused then, but these are confusing times.


You must be referring to your save Cory Booker campaign? Again I'll tell you as many times as you want you are making a straw-man's argument, you lack any credentials what so ever, and your spouting off right-wing propaganda because you think we care, no one cares about Booker, His political aspirations are still there, we know better than to trust him, but, yeah, so what that he is a corporate shill, he is not the only democrat to earn the title, and we will work with him as best we can and replace him when and if neccessary. Do you need any more information, or perhaps I can explain to you again why Black Lives Do Matter.

KC2669 is a TROLL


It appears many of these right wing out of reality types think this was an attack by Muslims against Muslims. From the SPLC "Even after Bissonnette – a white Quebecois – was identified as the mosque shooter, Islamophobic rumors continued to spread: Was the targeted mosque actually embroiled in a "bitter rivalry" with another mosque? Were the police shielding a Muslim accomplice?"

The right wingers are consumed with Islamophobia, and that goes double for Trump and Bannon.


The funny thing is, I have no idea what you are talking about. Booker isn't even my Senator--I know almost nothing about the guy. I give you exactly where I got my information from, not some dumb website, but the Congressional Record, explain how to get it, but still no matter. I even post the exact text of the SA178 and Sa188, the Sanders introduced amendment and the Wyden amendment, and get crickets. I guess you are still yelling from the end of the bar.


actually i was reading your post

funny didn't have any notifications before you asked me if had seen your post

I'm still trying to determine what if any conclusions you drew.


you know besides the conclusion I'm a yutz


well I would hate not to best you in a game of manners but I'm just as impatient as the next guy. Are you going to follow this up with me today or continue posting on other threads while letting this line of communication marinate




You accused me in another thread of being a troll who gets his information from a website I've never heard of. So, I showed you where I got my information on Bernie's and Wyden's prescription drug amendments--the Congressional Record. I even explained how to get that information, since I recognize you may not be as familiar with legislative arcana. The point was so that you could see my original post wherein I quoted the amendments, the text of the one Bernie introduced in full, wasn't from some random trollericious website. After all, you basically called me a troll after I posted the language of a very poorly written prescription drug amendment that did not do what progressives keep saying it did.

Maybe Booker is a crappy Senator, I really don't know because I pay way more attention to my own Senators. But that doesn't mean his vote was the wrong one on this issue. Given how poorly written the amendment was, I think it offered way too many pitfalls to give the Committee Chair the kind of open-ended discretion it does. Bernie ain't gonna be a conferee, you know.

Last call yet?


Your conclusions on what progressives say it did and what you think it really did please?

I believe I allowed the exception that your post merely had an uncanny similarity to the Right wing propaganda site, the similarities included identical copies of the amendment, identical conclusions, and a unique lack of supporting arguments other than to cast doubt on the GOP leadership, which is what you did.


"Gallows Humor" is the little-known sixth stage of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' "Stages of Grief." :wink: