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From New Orleans: Washing Machine-Style Education Reform


From New Orleans: Washing Machine-Style Education Reform

Ashana Bigard

As a New Orleans parent and an active member of my community, I think of myself as an expert on the experiment in education reform that tranformed my city into the nation's first all-charter school district. So when I attended a recent community-centered conference on “The New Orleans Model of Urban School Reform: A Guide or a Warning for Cities Across the Nation?” I wasn’t sure there’d be much for me to learn.


True education is an act of love and optimism. It is empowerment at its best. It is the only thing that will save us.


“So next time you read about the stunning success of New Orleans-style education reform…”

I stumbled across just such a piece on NPR a couple of nights ago. You would think there was gold being distributed to students who were present in great joy and jubilation.

When I first arrived to this nation, I used to consider NPR a bastion of neutrality and intelligent analysis. Lately it resembles the pride of Goebbels. Never mind that most of voices proudly present Jewish names.