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From 'No Comment' to 'Didn't Really See It': GOP Lawmakers Squirm When Asked About Trump Threat to Unleash Military on Protesting Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/no-comment-didnt-really-see-it-gop-lawmakers-squirm-when-asked-about-trump-threat


Previously the military has been only used for major riots, ones with lots of burning, and that on request by the governors overwhelmed. Usually it is just the state’s national guard not the Pentagon. The only time its been done in opposition to a governor was in school desegregation cases, University of Mississippi for example as I recall.

This is full on fascism, where are the states rights fanatics in the Republican party on this- no where to be seen I suppose.


It’s not that they’re afraid to speak out against it

It’s that they’re afraid to speak out in favor of it

For now


The president has no direction!
He’s opting now for insurrection.
Nation fa!!s into a heap—
from this mad, obnoxious creep!
For with Trump—there is no circumspection!


“This was the same response in Nazi Germany.”

Folks, like I have said before when the Republican, senate refused to impeach Trump: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY,S NAME NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO : THE AMERIKAN, FASCIST PARTY! If we progressives do not destroy this fascist party non-violently; they will if they can, destroy all of us violently!


“republican” does sort of imply that. A republic is not the same as a democracy. Its government by an elite.

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You know, Hitler didn’t emerge out of a void. Germany was crushed by external debt, there was a socialist revolution (which the social democrats helped to put down), and it almost won. There was hyperinflation, caused more than anything by that external debt. The capitalists feared the left and wanted stability, and the social democrats were a pretty bad opposition. Any discussion about the emerging fascism here or abroad that doesn’t include in the analysis the complete and utter failure of the Democratic Party, neoliberalism as a guiding worldview, and capitalism itself, isn’t serious. Sorry. Yes, Trump is bad, Hitler was worse, most politicians on the right have authoritarian tendencies. The question is, what is the alternative? In this system, there really isn’t one. With Democrats, things get worse at a slower pace, they give people of color or people from the LGBTQ community some power here and there in this rotten system, so you can have people from a marginalized group exploit you (neoliberal progress) in an inequitable and brutal system, and they call it a day. The world is falling apart, in the middle of a pandemic, a near depression in the economy, an environmental crisis right around the corner, and the Democrats offer absolutely nothing and give us Biden as a nominee. So, talk about fascism, but talk about the Democrats’, the center-left and center-right being complete and utter failures across the board. Cause they are, and Trump wouldn’t have power if it wasn’t for their disastrous policies going back decades.


We have that debt now in the form of the GATS agreement which commits us to trade a potentially unlimited number of jobs away (although its disputed by our government when this obligation is due)

Its also an areement to privatize everything that privatizes almost everthing thats public and likely will also privatize medicare and social security if we try to expand them without leaving GATS first. It couldnt be more dishonest.

Who will get the jobs? Body shop firms based in developing countries that pay their workers very low wages. What will happen to American workers of all kinds? After they train their replacements, they will be free to go.

I’m serious. This has been in the pipeline for decades.


Very true, and I am aware. The WTO and deals based on the NAFTA model (which really aren’t trade deals, they cover lots more than just trade) have led to increasingly privatization and were created to tie the hands of government in controlling private capital. You can throw the EU in on that too.

But, those policies, which the Democrats entirely, 100%, support as a party, are a big reason why we are inching towards fascism.


Well, they have always had fascist tendencies. But, what would the Democrats be, if the Republicans were the Nazis? Not even the social democrats, who were at the time were well to the left of the Democrats now. The social democrats in Germany at the time at least had leading figures like Rudolf Hilferding, and the more radical left had people like Rosa Luxemburg. The labor movement in Germany at the time was strong too. I would compare us to Colombia about the time that Gaitán was assassinated. Once that happened it was utter chaos, the left was largely wiped out in the ensuing decades, and the failed state has become a narco-state dominated by violent right wing paramilitaries. We are near being a failed state, and I do not think the Democrats in the end are less responsible for our condition.


The US, has been working closely with the Modi government in India, on things like the Indian demonetization,

Also on a virtually unknown challenge in the World Trade Organization of our immigration laws, which India says should not apply to guest workers. Also they are contesting whether its legal for us to tell them what to pay them.

By NAFTA model do you mean negative listing? (everything included unless excluded explicitly in writing, which is basically a standstill. That likely includes minimum wages so it would function as a freeze on minimum wages and all other changes in labor and working conditions unless they increased corporate profits.

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The 82nd Airborne was redeployed by Dubya in 2008 to Fort Drum NY to become the go to group for “quelling domestic disturbances”.

Several CD posters have been reminding readers that it would not be long before the 82nd is deployed domestically.


With NAFTA, investor state disputes, for example. You mentioned India and immigration laws. Well, India threatened to challenge state-level support for renewable energy programs in the WTO, with similar ISD provisions. They did that in response to disputes between the US, China, India and Canada over state support of renewable energy industries. Cause, profits are king, even as the world burns. NAFTA has the same, like Chapter 11 in the old NAFTA. When Obama made his decision on the Keystone Pipeline, TransCanada used chapter 11 of NAFTA to sue the federal government for 13 billion. Tree plantation programs in Canada were challenged by US logging interests because they said it was an illegal subsidy to the timber industry. Within months of the WTO existing, it gutted portions of the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments and undermined the Endangered Species Act, has attached government protections in regards to over-fishing. These deals and institutions have commodified nature the world over. NAFTA also had ridiculous provisions in regards to government procurement, where the human rights and environmental records of companies bidding for services could not be a factor in a government’s decision. So called intellectual property in NAFTA like deals and at the WTO are horrible and protect monopolies. Hell, when the WTO was created, poor countries with generic drug industries tried to get public health exceptions when it came to life saving drugs, and the Clinton administration fought that tooth an nail. The poor countries won, but those protections have been rolled back. NAFTA did next to nothing on the environment or in regards to labor rights. Clinton in fact told the unions to fuck off, actually violated the law when it came time to pass NAFTA in regards to transparency. He thereafter signed side agreements on labor and the environment, which were jokes. I could go on. Like, with the Korean deal forcing their government to guy massively expensive drugs from the US, or us signing a free trade deal with Colombia (which is a graveyard for union organizers, journalists, social workers, human rights activists) and Panama, which is a well known tax haven. Trump made very small improvements to what use to be called NAFTA, but it is still a steaming pile of shit.


NAFTA and other corporate power grabs disguised as “trade deals” always benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Most murkins have known this for a long time. Recall that in 1994 voters’ reaction to Bill Clinton promoting and passing NAFTA was to put Congress under control of the GOP for the first time in 40 years.


The film “fire in the blood” tells the story of the AIDS crisis when millions of people continued to die in the developin world due to the still insanely igh price of antiretrovirals, the fim tells the story of how an Indian firm developed a three medicine drug cocktail and sold it- profitably! for first $360 a year (less than a dollar a day) and later $100 a year ($0.27 a day) The US and EU drug companies were slling it for $15000 a year ($47 a day) and refused to budge until the Indian company started shipping their version. This issue is still a major one. The real reason the US withdrew from the WHO seems to have been the COVID-19 technology pool that was announced, just a few days ago, originally an idea of the President of Costa Rica it is a sane idea that hopefully will have influence-

a bunch of countries and the WHO are cooperating to find a cure and intend to share info to keep it affordable, that seems to anger us, a lot. Is our country wedded to “Buy or die”? No, nobody wants that…

What a crazy world, huh?

Between 10 and 30 million poor people died for no reason during that time the medicine was only available for $10000-15000 a year.

Also, this is by one of those involved, who died just a few weeks ago…


The GATS story is equally horrible because its so dishonest… GATS blocks most of the things we progressive Dems want and need, nobody knows it, everybody lies about it and so we keep falling for the same lies over and over.

The thing we should learn first is about GATS’ “governmental authority exclusion”…


Its almost as if a younger, better dressed non-prudish wing of the GOP (Southern California Republicans who were always that way, very friendly, if they thought you were their kind of people) basically, swingers- took over the Democratic Party like rats fleeing a sinking GOP ship.

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The Democratic Party certainly became possessed by the devil when the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formed in 1985.


It’s the white supremacists and three percenters who are known to have caused much of the burning of buildings and other damage, that Trump is claiming the mostly peaceful demonstrators for causing.
He is blaming the antifascists for what his fascist base are mostly responsible for causing.

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Yes, thanks.

Joan: WELL SAID! Especially the DINOs.

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