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From 'No' to 'Yes': Rejection of Austerity Just Beginning of European Battle


From 'No' to 'Yes': Rejection of Austerity Just Beginning of European Battle

Jon Queally, staff writer

Even with a historic political victory in his pocket after seeing his nation vote overwhelming 'No' against the imposition of further austerity in exchange for a new loan package from foreign creditors on Sunday, Yanis Varoufakis, the outspoken finance minister of Greece's Syriza-led government, announced his resignation on Monday morning.


“Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman, in his New York Times column on Monday, argues, “Unless Greece receives really major debt relief, and possibly even then, leaving the euro offers the only plausible escape route from its endless economic nightmare.”
And, he adds, “let’s be clear: if Greece ends up leaving the euro, it won’t mean that the Greeks are bad Europeans. Greece’s debt problem reflected irresponsible lending as well as irresponsible borrowing, and in any case the Greeks have paid for their government’s sins many times over. If they can’t make a go of Europe’s common currency, it’s because that common currency offers no respite for countries in trouble. The important thing now is to do whatever it takes to end the bleeding.”

“If they can’t make a go of Europe’s common currency, it’s because that common currency offers no respite for countries in trouble. The important thing now is to do whatever it takes to end the bleeding."

That statement says it all. It also reveals the true nature of the troika. A war machine designed not to take over countries with military power but by economic strangulation, until they hand over their sovereignty to the financial powers.
The people of Greece have stood up against that tyranny and said “NO MORE”.

Greece Proves Again Why Democracy is the Criminal Classes’ Great Fear
Posted on July 6, 2015 by William Black


A warning to the Greeks: The international money cartel does not take lightly such disobedience. There is no way out but to nationalize finance.


YAY! I haven’t even read the article yet, but just want to wish any Greek readers the very, very best! I imagine life may be difficult during this time, and want you to know that you have so many around the world rooting for you. Congratulations on standing up to bullies and reclaiming your lives!

Oh, no! I just realized the article is about Varoufakis resigning! They won! He shouldn’t have resigned, IMO. whatthefrack.


Tsipras asked him to, as a sweetener for the euroscum.


Oh grow up. Since when can you vote water and food into existence?

People on the left are exactly like people on the right. Both think that resources and growth have no limits, that you can breed and shop forever. Both ignore climate change and overpopulation in favor of further growth.

The only disagreement is who gets the money.


Corporatist totalitarianism has been temporarily stunned by Greeks using the ancient human tool of democracy. The corporatists are so afraid and small minded they blame their exposed criminal piracy and hatred of democracy on one man; his smile tells everything humanity needs to know.

The conversation is now in the open where the focused intellect of distributed human intelligence operates with the breadth of knowledge and intellectual power of eleven million Greek citizens plus every other human being on Earth who knows austerity is a policy of the elite. Everyone who can think knows wealthy corporatists buy corrupt politicians and order them to borrow billions, help them avoid taxes, and make the common folk pay their bills.

Now democracy has been set on a modern path by the oldest democracy on Earth, what a wonderful story. Shadowy creatures in financial centers hold back food and medicines to raise the prices for immortal corporate monsters that suck the joy from life and turn it to money. Now people know the story and are not afraid. Humanity will learn to vote over and over until the problems are clear, a policy is discovered, and action is taken which makes life more fun.

This Greek vote is the first light in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.


Oh please.

And you typed this using what? A quill pen and hand made ink?

Resources are finite. There are limits to growth. Overpopulation is a problem. Climate change is real.

And if you think Greece is bad, just wait a few years when water really starts to run out and the storms increase, and the fires get worse.

Climate refugee is the new black.


Difficult during this time? Just wait. When famine sets in.

See, you can’t vote food and water into existence. Not yet anyway. You can’t vote away overpopulation and climate change.

The only difference between the left and the right is a fight over who gets the money. Both believe in a fantasy of unlimited growth and infinite resources.

They will reclaim their lives alright. Just before they die of starvation.


He resigned? C’mon, look at that smile. Now he is free for the next steps.


More interesting viewpoints here http://failedevolution.blogspot.gr


Let Greece only be the first followed by Spain, Ireland, and, on our side of the ocean, Puerto Rico.


Scary. Seems like now is the time to support him, not fire him. Let’s hope Garrett is right, and he can do even more now.


There have also been some good articles on how Germany received a very sweet debt deal after WWII, one that many economists say they should now be arranging for the ECB to offer to indebted countries. Piketty, for one:


"The people of Greece have stood up against that tyranny and said “NO MORE”.
Absolutely! Now look at the weasel words already coming out of the EU troika! Look at the comments here to the sense of, “Now the Greeks will have democracy as they starve to death.”

  • Hellas will have hard times ahead for a while, but they have been starving to death for many years to fatten the coffers of the international banksters. The same thing was happening to Argentina and Iceland. They denied the banksters, rebuilt their nations and their economies. It can be done, but not by kowtowing to the banksters and getting a “New Deal” to further impoverish them.
  • There are not many freedom loving governments left in the world today, but there are an enormous number of people who love freedom and democracy. I hope that help and support will come in from the freedom loving people of the world to show the world what can be done, without the banksters.
  • The EU has become so inured to the rapaciousness of the banksters that they have accepted their greed as a natural way to govern, a natural way of life. Nation by small nation, proof is coming to the fore that people can live with freedom and dignity, can do away with austerity, (which equals starvation and poverty to enrich the banksters of the 0.001%)
  • But Hellas, do not submit to the gangsters, the banksters, the vampires that demand your life’s blood to fatten their coffers. You can bet that any offers from the troika or the IMF will just be an offer of a bit of novocain to deaden the pain so you will not feel the fang’s next bite.
  • You can rebuild without submission to them. It has been done before and will be, again!
  • The whole world should be applauding Hellas, and supporting their efforts to throw off the yoke.
  • Go Hellas! You’ve taken the first step!


the truth shall set you free


Tsipras has said all along that OXI would give him a stronger hand in making his capitulation to the bankers slightly less dreadful.

It’s a symbolic victory, but SYRIZA needed to stop waffling a long time ago. Greece must either stick to the EU come what may or hit the road come what may. They are living an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ existence if they think Germany et al will budge because of this vote IMO.

Argentina didn’t flip-flop they made a choice and DID it, same with Iceland. the bankers won’t give Greece a free pass, they can’t because almost every country in the EU will demand the same. Greece needs, to declare bankruptcy and get out, then jail the oligarchs, generals, elites etc before the CIA/NATO uses them and their assured whining to justify whatever gruesome tactics they’ll try next.

Argentina was saved by Chavez, Iceland was saved by being small and self-contained for centuries, Greece needs China/BRICS who’ll only help if/when Greece declares total independence.


I hope that the Greek people can recover through this one.

They got screwed over by the big banks, the IMF, the Troika, and by their own government corruption. Sadly this is a story that has been repeated throughout the world. It’s happened quite a few times in South America for example.

That and this whole Euro idea of a single monetary currency was a bad idea from the start. Each country has essentially lost the ability to set its own fiscal policies, which are important.

“Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and “The Shock Doctrine” are the books to read about what is going on right now. It’s equally an important read considering what is happening in the US right now. Someday the corporations and rich with their tax-evading, combined with the wars, might push the US over the brink too.

Regardless, it’s going to be a difficult next few years for Greece, particularly if it does leave the European Union. I just hope that in the long run, they can recover. In the end, they had no choice but to stand up and fight the bankers, the IMF, along with the others. They were cornered.


Of course water and food are finite resources, but are they any more available because the 0.001% have bought most of it, to sell at increasingly higher prices? OXI, NO! The troika, the IMF, the EU feel that all must submit to their increasing control and increasingly rapacious greed, but people are awakening! They realize that this is not the Natural Way of Things.

  • We the People of the World can work together to restore, to repair the damages caused by the vampires, to drag them into the light where they will perish.
  • But, it cannot be accomplished by dark backroom dealings with the vampires. Freedom and Democracy thrive on light. Vampires perish. Stay out of the dark rooms of greed and power. Live and work in the light!
  • Go Hellas!


Puerto Rico, Honduras, Haiti, Bolivia, Venezuela, Equador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala; they all have good cause to unite against the IMF, Wall Street, London, Australia and Canada.

All of us common folk will soon realize together that democracy does not need a geographic nation to focus distributed human intelligence.