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From Nuclear Debris to Dying Coral, Scientific Panel Votes to Recognize the Destructive Impact of the 'Anthropocene'

From Nuclear Debris to Dying Coral, Scientific Panel Votes to Recognize the Destructive Impact of the 'Anthropocene'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a step toward formally recognizing that humankind—with its incessant burning of fossil fuels, use of nuclear weapons, and more—has dramatically altered the state of planet Earth, a panel of prominent scientists voted last week to designate a new geological epoch titled the "Anthropocene."

The 34-member Anthropocene Working Group (AWG) is expected to submit a proposal to the International Commission on Stratigraphy to officially recognize the Anthropocene—which means "age of man"—by 2021.


" We are the most dangerous species of life on the planet, and every other species, even the earth itself, has cause to fear our power to exterminate. But we are also the only species which, when it chooses to do so, will go to great effort to save what it might destroy."



While history gives tacit support to the Marxist materialist conception of history by naming the means of technology as historic periods such as the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Bronze Age The Industrial Revolution etc, it should not describe this present epoch as the Anthropocene but more aptly the capitalocene

“Climate change is not the creation of the mere existence of billions of humans who inhabit the planet, but is wrought by the few who control the means of production and make the central decisions about energy use, argues Andreas Malm. In what is more Capitalocene than Anthropocene…” Andreas Malm, Human Geography senior lecturer Lund University

A compelling case has been made by Jason Moore, Paul Street and other left environmentalists that it is more historically appropriate to understand humanity’s earth-altering assault on livable ecology as “the Capitalocene.”


“It was not humanity as a whole that created … large-scale industry and the massive textile factories of Manchester in the 19th century or Detroit in the last century or Shenzhen today. It was capital.” It is only during a relatively small slice of human history—roughly the last 500 years, give or take a century or so—that humanity has been socially and institutionally wired from the top down to wreck livable ecology." - Moore


Beside the overt empowering of corporate rapists of Gaia - Mother Earth, there are the vulture capitalist corporate entities that will, and do, grow things with poisons, treat/process/add to them with poisons, and sell them to people, men, women ans children, and are guilty by those and other acts, poisoning humans, animals and our sustainable planet - creating cancers of various types, as well as many other diseases and conditions. That MO by greed-driven, “bottom-line” corporations coupled with the corrupt subversion and emasculation of our supposed “regulatory” agencies, now become overt tools of the very corporate crimes, pollution, and poisoning they were formed to protect against! Truth and critical information takes a back seat (not really even in the car!) to corporate greed and governmental complicity!

That destruction of regulatory agencies by the trump regime has taken greed and servitude to the criminals to a whole new level of corruption, complicity and criminal collusion.

The new series in The Guardian titled TOXIC AMERICA, covers the range of the crimes by predatory corporate killers and exposes the collusion (yes, Virginia, THERE IS COLLUSION!) I highly recommend reading and spreading the critical information in their series - if for no other reason than to save your, your families and friends lives - hopefully, if you can penetrate the fake criminal advertisements.

“Weedkillers in your cereal. Microplastics in your salt. The Guardian’s new series investigates the threat of toxic chemicals in our everyday lives”

Toxic America Series articles - https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/series/toxic-america

“From chicken to tomatoes, here’s why American food is hurting you” I will accurately add/include killing you!

“The recent news about glyphosate and cancer only highlights a broader problem with our system: our obsession with killing the natural world is poisoning us” - Maria Rodale


Thanks Emphyrio, nice link. I guess I have to go back to The Rodale Institute and see if things have improved. In the early 90’s I met Robert Rodale’s son (his name escapes me) shortly after his father had passed away. RI had for years provided organic gardening information to it’s subscribers, but in the early 80’s the experimental farm in PA. was purchased and a new area of study was opened up with the launch of the publication The New Farm. The Institute used the farm to provide data to farmers who’s conventual farming systems were failing, and wanted to change to a more sustainable farming system. They did an excellent job of testing a variety of different systems over the years, and provided the data that proved to conventual farmers that a transition to sustainable or organic production could be achieved with a slight dip in profits for the first 3 yrs., than a steady up tick in production that over time out performed their old conventual methods.
After talking to Roberts son, who had just taken over the family business, he admitted to me that he didn’t share the passion his father and grandfather had for gardening or farming. Photography was his thing, and as he kept launching new publications with pretty pictures I figured the org, would die. The RI organization survived, but The New Farm publication suffered and innovative trials slowed to a trickle. I’ve touched base with RI over the years since, but it just wasn’t the same.
This article brings a ray of hope that the son turned the org. over to his sister to run and possibly get back to being the beacon of a organic farm information center that it was so good at.

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Whatever moniker is attributed to this epoch, the facts remain that we are still fucked.


Jan Zalasiewicz, geologist at the University of Leicester and chair of the AWG

  • from the article

I have Jan Zalasiewicz’s Oxford Very Short Introduction, “Rocks” - still the best intro I am aware of to both geology and even, in part, comparative planetology (highly recommended).

I am disappointed that this will still take two years to name The Anthropocene - the sense of urgency has not translated yet into immediate action.

Better late than never I suppose.

It was the Holocene that was always the unneeded epoch, because it was nothing more than the fourth interglacial (and not even the warmest one) within the Pleistocene. But now, without a doubt, human economic activity has rendered the Pleistocene totally over and the next glacial stage that had been due another 40k years or so has been postponed indefinitely. The human induced high atmospheric CO2 levels will linger for at least a million years.

But perhaps we should extend the Anthropocene to include all of the Holocene? The role of humans goes back a lot further the current times of extreme environmental alteration. Human hunting is believed to be a main factor in the extinction of most of the big, charismatic, Pleistocene megafauna about 10-14k years ago.

Great story. It gets ones mind working in the direction of: “What do we really want, and how should we proceed?” Commercially and personally. We have an organic veggie garden that knows NO chemicals. 25 years without nary a bad bug. Be sure to have a toad or two reside in your garden. They eat bugs, not veggies.


A democratic socialist in the White House is likely necessary to make a serious turnaround.
First thing is to stop the war machine in it’s tracks.

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“Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you.”
Or so i was told as a child. But words are indeed important when they control and lead action.
The concepts of “culture” versus “civilization” always puzzled me, assigning humans closely engaged in natural surroundings somehow to a lower state.
The label used in the last fifty years of “developing”, versus “developed”, was assigned to certain “developing” nations so they could receive funding and rise to the revered status of “developed”. I think it is used to mean, like with culture versus civilization, how much of nature the country has destroyed.

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We will be the first species to die by its own hand. We, the stable geniuses of the animal world.

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