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From Occupy Protests to the Platforms


From Occupy Protests to the Platforms

Akshat Tewary

At Occupy Wall Street rallies in New York’s Zuccotti Park back in September 2011, Akshat Tewary noticed that many protesters were calling for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, the Depression-era law that separated investment and commercial banking. As an administrative lawyer, Tewary knew that financial regulators are required to consider input from the public.


When Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton hired the Rubinite "de-regulators" and signed the rescission of Glass-Steagall and then Obama "the progressive fraud" re-hired the re-cycled Clinton Rubinites, the reinstatement of a Glass-Steagall was doomed - the Dems would not "embarrass" (really?) their previous presidents (regardless how corrupt), and R'Cons were too in thrall to banker/wall street/financial parasites to do so.
Matt Taibbi's "Obama's Big sellout" is an informative read.

Interesting connection: Robert Rubin was leader of Goldman Sachs until 1992, then into Bill Clinton Admn pushing rescission of Glass-Steagall Bill signed, then Hillary is paid big bucks by Goldman for "speeches" - very tidy......

The liklihood of a new, updated, G-S passing under Trump or "Slick Hilly", is akin to a snowballs chance in Hell or pigs flying - all talk and BS, neither party will risk alienating the big-money campaign-contribution bribes that now dominates and totally corrupts/buys politicians, elections, and legislation in America.

In short they all are lying to gain 4 more years of wealth, stolen from the people, and to Hell with the 99%!

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