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From #OccupyICE Encampments to the Campaign Trail, Call Grows to Abolish 'Unaccountable and Inhumane' Agency


From #OccupyICE Encampments to the Campaign Trail, Call Grows to Abolish 'Unaccountable and Inhumane' Agency

Julia Conley, staff writer

As calls to rein in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reached the halls of Congress this week, with Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) calling to abolish the agency that's enforced the Trump administration's family separation policy, direct actions aimed at shutting down ICE's facilities are spreading across the country.


Zephyr Teachout is correct. Taking of children is taboo.

If a child is lost, shall we call it a national security sacrifice?


Homeland Security Act of 2002. 90 U.S. Senators voted yes, 295 House Reps voted yes as well. DHS was a scam sham horror from its beginning yet all the yes votes, and all the yes re-authorization votes as close as 2017 from both democrates and repubublicans. And that is American Democracy in action.


The fact that a sociopath like trump would authorize the theft and abuse of children is no surprise. What should be very disconcerting however is that he didn’t do it alone. All he did in fact was give the order to kidnap children. A whole lot of other people followed the megalomaniacs orders, without question.
It seems we are all Good Germans now.


Prolly not a bad idea. Rename the ICE to something else, let it deal with customs and duty collection, and legal immigration.

Let the military guard the border and stop any illegal entries. They are supposed to defend the sovereignty of US territory anyway.


As I’ve written extensively in both left progressive sites like TD, CD, PR, and the opinion leading press (NYT and “The Post”):

The following are a few comments about ‘immigration’ and related “issues” that relate to a common theme (and ‘strategic narrative’) that accurately tags Emperor Trump for the negative effect he is having on our country:

I’ve been submitting comments on many “Times” articles and editorials (across several “issues”, but with the same central theme), some get accepted and some not, but here’s a few on the “issues” of immigration to which I’ll add this other ‘issue’ of tone/civility/method in “Confronting Trump”:

If the “Times” headline of "U.S Retreats on “Zero Tolerance” — was an attempt to rub the bad puppy’s (Emperor Trump’s) nose in his feces, their symbolic confrontation isn’t anywhere near enough ‘obedience training’ to accomplish our goal.

“Calling-out” an Emperor, like Emperor Trump, will only work by explicitly, overtly, consistently, and with the aid of a large number of ‘we the people of America’ being willing to teach the ‘bad puppy’ — or more directly send the ‘bad Emperor Trump’ — to a; shelter, internment camp, detention facility, or just ‘out of the previously honorable office of president’ quickly.

To which I would add here regarding “Confronting Trump”, that it is essential for any people/citizens, when the leader of any country, under whatever circumstances, and with whatever title (president, chancellor, etc.), is found to be increasingly ‘acting like an Emperor’, and/or absorbing unwarranted powers across the parliament, congress, courts, etc. to himself, then the only non-violent option that ‘the people’ have in saving and restoring their citizen rights of self-government, is to jointly in their own ‘common interest’ to simply call-out, and ‘expose’ the wannabe Emperor.

And here are some related “issues” that, IMHO, Emperor Trump is using to divide, distract, confuse, and conquer ‘we the American people’ with:


Hello lamonte7, The military has had and will be ICE only infinitely worse! They have been given infinite powers to do almost anything in the 'Merikkka’s and the rest of the world! Less oversight than ICE. Think of them as the new SS as that is where they are moving towards!


Well, not guarding the border is not an option so with calls for the ICE to be abolished there’s not many options.


Introduction of the term “Homeland” to the public lexicon marked the formal phase of the shift to totalitarianism. The alphabet soup agencies that were spawned under and in relation to this term have greatly diminished the freedoms of our society. Fear and paranoia have been used to deflate the true American spirit of the melting pot, which has always been a cauldron at simmer, but at least not (at most times) boil. Great cynical forces and operatives knew that sowing discord in the the public narrative could ultimately reap them massive financial gains. Systematic deregulation since the late seventies largely set the stage for the looting of the commons that is accelerating today.

It is past time to truly nourish the progressive voice. Whether or not that occurs in the Democratic party has yet to be established, but the infrastructure of the party must be valued as an asset while the party’s myriad warts are counted as liabilities. If the perfect persists in being the enemy of the good, progress will not be revived. We need people of vision tempered by practicality to join forces and forge the way to a better country and a better world. Let’s work together on this, folks. We owe it to the future of all life on earth for as long as the cosmos permits life-sustaining conditions.


Bernie refused to support the call to abolish ICE when Ocasio-Cortez called for it as part of her campaign.


Both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are sub-branches of the Department of Redundancy Department (DRD).