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From One Mass Shooting Survivor's Mother to the Parents of Mass Shooting Survivors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida: An Open Letter


From One Mass Shooting Survivor's Mother to the Parents of Mass Shooting Survivors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida: An Open Letter

Donna Smith

Dear parents,

It is my solemn duty, at least I feel it is, to tell you what many of you will face as the parent of a survivor of mass shooting in America. I am so very sorry that we are at this point 25 years after a young, angry gunman and former employee entered a Chuck E Cheese pizza parlor in Aurora, CO, and killed four of my 17-year-old son’s co-workers and wounded a fifth who only survived by playing dead after he was shot in the face. It was December 14, 1993.


Powerful! It has me in tears. As i have said before, our children are our future, and it finally is beginning to look promising.


"Donna Smith is the executive director of Progressive Democrats of America. "

Worthy of noting.

This played as a terror piece from a woman who’s kid wasn’t there. Okay, he clocked out and went home and saw it on the news. But the Terror element of acting like he was there and trying to put us there was all through this. It’s like this was written by a psychologist to terrorize you.

Always be wary of pieces like this.

Good luck getting through this everyone - what it will cause in you (it put fear in me) is it’s intent. What it’s real purpose is however I question.

I’m an anti-gun liberal. Take the guns away. But leave the rest of our rights which are quickly and silently dissappearing.

And the end!
“Donna Smith
Mother of Russell Foltz-Smith”

Yeah, like your son was in the shooting. My God!

I have no guns and no use for them. And, I also have no use for terrorization propaganda.


bart, how is it beginning to look promising? I see it only getting worse!

I checked on Dylan Noble today - that kid who had the latex killing by the cops in the footage. They literally put on latex gloves and then lifted up their rifles waiting for this kids stumbling around on drugs to put his hand somewhere questionable - they followed this poor 19 yo for blocks - he wasn’t hurting anyone, just walking, but he didn’t obey the police or even notice them while they were following him, and then they shot him when his hands went to his waist. It was a planned latex murder. This was in Fresno CA at the end of 2016. It’s one of the most sickening shootings I’ve seen footage off. That poor kid’s parents can’t get justice. The police deemed themselves having done the right thing by protocol but did question the 4th shot - a shotgun to the heart as it appeared the kid was already down and shot and didn’t need it - 14 seconds from the 3rd shot.

Just saying, it’s getting worse and worse. The swamp in Washington is getting worse. The cops are far worse. Two days ago I saw a black woman on the news being charged with murder for her 2 yo that the cops killed when they hit her car with their police car at 90 miles per hour and claim she didn’t properly put her kid in the car seat because while she buckled her daughter in, the car seat was in the middle of the backseat. The protection laws are being bulldozed, the swamps getting filled with even worse creatures, the opium epidemic has no one fighting it and pharmaceuticals are getting away with it, I don’t see anything getting better.

I should be all happy about the protests and up to the last few months I’d have joined them. Pieces like this however, are very questionable. This happened in 1993, her kid left and wasn’t there, and she makes it sound too real and terrifying to the point it put fear in me. I have to question it wasn’t written by a psychologist.

God help us all where the propaganda is really going.


Because these “kids” are extremely fired up and ready to go. If they can maintain that energy, and so far it has lasted longer than ever before, they will effect changes. They are our future and i will stand behind them for as long as it takes. They have inspired me.


Hi Rainy,

Russell here. You’re raising some good points. I wasn’t actually shot at nor confronted the gun man. I struggled for years with that idea. That it really didn’t happen to me and I don’t have any reason to be sad or scared. Maybe I still don’t. It’s possible that my own assessment later in life is unjustified and my fears are unfounded. Sometimes it feels more real than other times. Having the murderer stare at you while you’re testifying in court years later in capital murder trial and spending time with my friends families in the witness holding pen… sure seemed real and terrifying. But again you have a valid point that I didn’t have a bullet in my body.

One clarifying point. My mom is most definitely not a psychologist. She is a good writer on occasion.

I appreciate your engagement and I appreciate her publishing her account.

And I’m grateful I wasn’t there and somedays i think I’d trade places with any of my friends to spare their families the lifetime of grief.

Be well. Happy to chat further.