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From Paris to Istanbul, More ‘War on Terror’ Means More Terrorist Attacks


From Paris to Istanbul, More ‘War on Terror’ Means More Terrorist Attacks

Phyllis Bennis

At least 41 people were killed in the recent bombing of Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

The day before, suicide bombers killed five people in Qaa, a small village in Lebanon. And while the Saudi-led and U.S.-backed war in Yemen continues to rage, an ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for attacks in the Yemeni port city of Mukalla that killed at least 12.


Regarding the economy of ISS, cross border terrorist attacks are the most cost effective. Managing their caliphate costs a bundle. Gas, food, water, power, etc. Not to mention guns and drums and drums and guns. ISS and the MIC were seen kissing on a yacht in the Persian Gulf. Stay tuned.


One incorrect letter: It has been a War OF Terror.


In no way one can win over terrorism. Yes, only the diplomacy can stop that. But the our warrior elites started the act of terrorism long time ago which is now a regular practice. Since cold war is no longer existing so the weapon industries and their investors find this approach. This perpetual war machine probably continues until a huge part of the nation turns homeless and jobless. The trend is rapidly moving to that direction. Elites won’t lose anything unless a critical mass is reached then no one knows what would happen. The future history would tell.


Imperialist amerika still lives along the river Denial! Until the deluded masses in #1 terrorist state amerika cry out to stop the war on the World, the empire will continue its slide into the abyss of failed empires!!!


Violence begets violence; r ‘blow-back’ after decades of western global corporate greed inflicting misery on folk in middle east and beyond who’re now driven to extremes for survival. Too much aggression creates reprisal when ‘push comes to shove.’ Constant conflict is no way to live, anywhere; why can’t humanity be more humane? Rhetorical!


What a crock of shit.

First of all, you know damned well that The Page and Gilens Study PROVES that citizens’ wishes are NOT part of the calculus.

Second, you should know that the whole Middle East diabolical debacle is based on a very efficiently executed False Flag (operation).

Third, that False Flag launched already planned wars and made use of a fully captured corporate media to play the Propaganda hand for the Pentagon’s “theaters of war.”

Fourth, anyone who purposely conflates the will of the 1% and its MIC strongmen with The People is working FOR those entities. You’re transposing the responsibility for heinous deeds done on the basis of massive deception AND trauma-induced mind control onto The People.

Everything Ms. Bennis relates about the inanity of this approach is true IF the goal is to neutralize rather than spread Terrorist Acts. However, just as the cop needs the robber to maintain his own job status; the MIC and the very, very made-rich-by-foreign-wars Arms Developers need a steady stream of enemies in order to justify THEIR gargantuan money guzzling operations.

Shame on you!


In America it’s more useful to say, " just like the preacher needs the whore" or " just like the current Democrats need the current Republicans" or " just like the good cop Shillary needs the bad cop Trumpster Dumpster " or…


“If we are serious”? That hits the nail on the head. The US is definitely not serious about combating terrorism. For Heaven sake, it created both the Taliban and Al Queda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Those two American supported terrorist organizations have now coalesced into ISIS (ISIL) and continue to grow stronger with each American bombing and indiscriminate murder in the Middle East. American bombs are the best recruiting agents ISIS has and the Americans keep the recruitment at top levels without actually ever seeming to stop ISIS in the field. The US blatantly destroyed three Middle East nations and is conspiring currently to do the same to Syria. Two of the destroyed and Syria had/have secular governments because their religious factions were at each other’s throats and only a strong leader could keep the peace. Now they are in total turmoil and the US is to blame. What a bunch of fools run Washington!


Phyllis Bennis is pretty much a diamond in the rough. She’d be a real progressive countries’ first choice for Sec.of State. Vote Green and end this " terror 24/7 charade ". I think it was CIA , MI6 and The Mossad at the Istanbul Airport. Trying to up the pressure on screening people’s right to move freely in and out of Syria, Northern Iraq, et al. This is how we do it. Prove it’s more implausible than the MSM meme they’re propogandizing about all the effin’ day. Happy 4th of July and try not to get shot by a true Murican patridiot. They’re everywhere, so if see something say something.:wink:


Or, one might begin to drop the oversimplifications, the nasty names for serious candidates, the cute but trite sayings, and all the worthless rhetoric, and try to understand the root causes of terror tactics. But that is probably too much to expect from those who prefer all of the above cheap shots to any real understanding of the major world issue in the 21st century (to date.)


Serious candidates don’t embrace Henry Kissinger as a role model. They also don’t have their spouse in for friendly questions from the FBI. As the son of the Honduran coup leader is charged with cocaine sales and drug smuggling. Timing is everything, right? And, cheap shots are what kill American troops around The Empire daily as the interests of the few " trump " the needs of the many. Trump is a fraud and a bamboozler, nothing more. Probably a lot less, as well. I don’t hold old professors or professional people in awe, either. PhDs are people who know more and more about less and less, every year. :wink:


Actually I would add joining hands in a circle and all singing Kumbaya, to those “host of non-military approaches.”


To mrsannhitts (perhaps you need the letter S in front of the last portion of your computer ID):
Serious commenters do not have the arrogance to tell others whom they can or cannot support. Serious commenters do not make conclusions contrary to fact, e.g. I never ever supported Kissinger. Serious commenters do not make up false allegations about others and then accuse those others of those false allegations, which is called SETTING UP A STRAW MAN in Logic.
FINALLY – I normally do not put Ph.D. after my name, which is one reason why I use oldpof1 – but I have found far too much Ph.D.-envy from others, and you appear to be among them. Shame! Degrees do not count for nearly as much as behavior, and yours is despicable.


" The lights are on, but you’re not home. Your mind is not your own… You think you’re a real tough cookie, oh yah! But, you’re gonna have to face it, your addicted to MTP ( Meet the Press ) ". Sorry,Robert. P.S. Irwin Corey was a Professor, too.


Actually, PROFESSOR Corey was his stage nom-de-theatre, but you probably do not know what that means either. >You surely know nothing about this paricular retired prof, or about much of anything else either, But then, you would make a good president of the Non-Sequitor Society, whose slogan is>I do not know much about anything, but >I do love pizza. Shame on you, again. I will not dignify anything further from you with any response, so have a ball while you wait for help!


Thanks a bunch, perfesser.


You’re number nobody; the world sees your crooked values. Worthless.YOU’RE a sacrilege pretending to be holy.
A RELIGIOUS FARCE!!! American values stink to ‘high heaven!’