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From Philly to Aussia Coal Port, People Rise Up Against 'Fossil Fuel Dinosaur Economy'


From Philly to Aussia Coal Port, People Rise Up Against 'Fossil Fuel Dinosaur Economy'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The climate movement was out in force on Saturday as demonstrators from Australia to Philadelphia laid their bodies down and raised their voices up to demand a just transition to renewable energy.

In Newcastle, Australia, over 1,000 kayaktivists and other protesters shut down operations at the nation's largest coal export port.


You know people will be demonstrating at the convention in July. Support Bernie standing on your feet! Make the superdelegates see how people feel about having their democracy stolen and their votes not count.

Protest the convention's superdelegates dirty tricks subversion of democracy in July. Protest in Philly or in your home town. Let the oligarchy see that people want their votes to count.

Protest in July... If you want a democracy then fight to keep it (nonviolently of course) !!!


Now THAT'S what I;m talkin' about! Unless we, the people, demand the rulers change direction from money and profits as the basis of life, they never will - they are entirely ignorant, unprincipled, and self-absorbed to the detriment of ALL Mother Earth's creatures!


OCCUPY The Earth!




Bravo climate warriors! Our environmental disasters are multiplying and so should our resistance to the earth and soul destroying capitalism that can only view everything through the lens of money. A green economy will mean we will have to live in radically different ways.


The group you cite is defunct. It also has no relationship to this article nor people rising up but were a few speakers who gave talks at colleges and organizations and were based on a conference in 2010 and a book. This article is about people rising up not speakers giving what amounts to being a Ted talk. People saying that they count that their voices will be heard. Just figured someone should point that out to you. You can still see that site using the internet archive of old sites called the Wayback Machine... For curousity's sake if nothing else.


From the Eco-Socialists: http://www.thenextsystem.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/HansBaer.pdf


New Message--- Why has The New Message been sent to Humanity at this time?....
"Never before has the risk of war, religious conflicts, catastrophic climate change & human suffering been more dire. And yet at no other time has the opportunity for world unity and global cooperation been greater."...Teachings from the newmessage.org

Here world unity and global cooperation is of the people, not a world government or world corporate body, but a unity of the people from the ground up.


Climate change will soon be the only issue: