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From Police Violence at Home to Killing Civilians in Unending Wars Abroad, US Faces Human Rights Reckoning at UN

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/police-violence-home-killing-civilians-unending-wars-abroad-us-faces-human-rights


The United Nations recognized publicly that Julian Assange is being
tortured; yet nothing has been done to stop it. How much less will
Biden, who called Assange a “high tech terrorist” go after American
human rights abuses? Not a lot of hope here.


We are the ultimate rogue terrorist vnation by any sane definition.


Chinese representative Jiang Duan—whose country is run by one of the world’s more repressive regimes and is accused of human rights crimes ranging from democracy suppression in Hongkong to genocide against its Uighur and Tibetan populations—spoke quickly as he listed nine serious causes of concern.

How does one square Brett Wilkins’ notion of China being one of the more repressive countries in the world with the IPSOS survey about the state of happiness in different countries, with China leading the world with 93% of their citizens being happy? According to IPSOS:

"Globally, happiness is as common this year as it was last year, dipping by just one percentage point from 64% to 63%. However, it has increased by five points or more in six countries, namely China, Russia, Malaysia, and Argentina, while it has decreased by five points or more in 12 countries, most of all Peru, Chile, Mexico, and India.

The happiness leader in 2020 is China, where 93% say they are happy (up 11 points from last year and moving from third place), followed by the Netherlands (newly added this year) with 87%, and Saudi Arabia with 80% (up two points).

Canada and Australia, last year’s leaders in happiness, register a notable drop this year: Canada with 78% (down eight points) drops to fourth place in a tie with France (down two points) and Australia with 77% (down nine points) falls to sixth place.

The survey shows declining levels of happiness in Peru (down 26 points from last year to 32%), Chile (down 15 points to 35%) and Mexico (down 13 points to 46%). Happiness is now less common in Peru, Chile and Spain (38% down eight points) than it is in Argentina (43%, up by nine points), which ranked last in 2019."

It is disappointing that a somewhat progressive media, such as CommonDreams, lapses into China bashing and misinformation which western mainstream media has a habit of doing. One seldom hears about the large numbers of Chinese students in the US (before Covid BC), approx. 350,000), the large numbers of Chinese tourist in the world, again BC, or about the 850 million Chinese who have been lifted out of extreme poverty, and so on. China ain’t perfect, but it is surely not the country that MSM likes to bash relentlessly.

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sad but true, as william blum has so meticulously documented in several books on u.s. foreign policy travesties since ww2. in fact, as i recall, one of those books was titled ‘rogue nation’.


What could possibly be the excuse for these ridiculous wars continuing
on any longer – or even to have been begun – except OIL – and takeover
of other nations and their wealth and natural resources?

The word was out long ago – we can no longer burn fossil fuels!!!

End these wars – !!!

Trump is ensuring that he keeps his supporters riled up – and Barr is on the hunt for him.

If Biden is looking for allies – he should skip the GOP – and look among International allies.

There’s no way Putin could have guess or counted on all of this –

I imagine this is further than even the first 26 psychiatrists of “The Dangerous Case of
Donald Trump” ever imagined – and now there are more than 2,000 psychiatrist warning us.

The Impeachment should have happened long before it did – and for the many reasons it
should have been brought – beyond the effort to get the Ukraine President to help him get
dirt on Hunter Biden to tilt the election towards Trump.

And moving Trump out on the 25th should have also happened – making clear that if we
were relying on the 25th to protect us from a crazy person in WH/Oval Office … it didn’t work.

See the MSNBC interview – All they know is that it works for 7 days – after that one of the
volunteers got the virus. Also must be stored at freezing temperatures, must lower than
what our average freezers can provide. Despite what Fauci said, looks like it would be at
least into first quarter of new year. Imagine that Trumpet will also immediately be suggesting
that he this is his “just around the corner disappearance of the virus.”

As for the VIRUS – it has to be acknowledged that this is part of Global Warming and capitalist exploitation – and we don’t know how many of these viruses may be coming our way –
Our Medical establishment must STOP treating symptoms and deal with the reality that it is
pollution which must be dealt with – the virus is only a symptom of our sick planet.

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Will it be Lagos, Calgary, Guangzhou, Kerala, Riyadh, Moscow or Recife to next host the U.N.? Does Washington even get a window corner office or merely a socially distanced cubicle? BRIC does take over the Security Council, eh?

Jest askin’

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this is a reckoning that has been over due for about 243 years and more


Would it be fitting to recall here these concluding words from the Gettysburg Address?

“It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
—[Abraham Lincoln]

May they inspire us to do better, at least at home.