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From Pot to 'Democracy Vouchers,' Election Day 2015 Races to Watch



The pot initiative in Ohio would allow one to grow four flowering plants! Anyone who has ever cultivated the herb using sun and earth will tell you four plants can produce a considerable amount. Could make it less profitable for big time growers; but, hey, we buy water in plastic bottles. Alas.


Thank you making that point. It also holds at bay the entire economic boon represented by hemp as one of the single most valuable small scale, adaptable renewable resources for fiber, especially paper as it could contribute MASSIVELY to keeping forests standing, not to mention its oil, soil conservation capacity, among other qualities of considerable potential enhancement for local economies.


John Oliver makes this contribution - though initially addressing next years elections, he gets into upcoming state elections - some with sadly predictable emblematic problems.


Please be sure to vote today, because remember: Every Vote Counts*

*Not available in all states


One more legacy addition is historical - for all the patriots/conservatives frustrated with Tea Party and opposed to hemp, its worth reminding that George Washington and uncounted 'founders' were utterly dependent on this plant for ship sails, rope and who knows what else.


upside down five inches from their most desired food until they repent


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Perhaps the paper on which certain, now insignificant, documents were written on?


The United States Constitution is written on HEMP paper!
Yes, that: "just an old piece of "hemp" paper"...


I agree, and this happens so damn often here- There needs to be several lead-up articles before the date approaches-


Ha! I had forgotten that! Good to start the day rubbing a few brain cells together. Thank you.

This whole theme is like a loom needing to be carefully studied, retied, set right to stop a flawed and wasted fabric from being woven.

Interesting to consider the implications of what it is that George Bush actually broadcast (a word, by the by, also describing a method of planting seeds) when he said that. Please forgive the length of this - I don't know how to make it shorter.

A Constitution - a Magna Carta, a high law agreed upon by plebiscite, a pact to outline and support the most essential social/spiritual capacity of peoples in both learning and exercising personal and collective mutual aspirations and balances. In this case lessons sadly not yet learned from the indigenous peoples and their contributions from their Great Law of Peace to the Bill of Rights, applied only in part, represent core concepts readily seen by the consequences arising from all that is excluded. The Bill of Rights apparently not interpreted as being embraced by the "we take these truths to be self-evident". Well the evidence continues to roll in, doesn't it.

(just from online etymology - plebiscite: "direct vote of the people," 1860 (originally in reference to Italian unification), from French plébiscite (1776 in modern sense, originally with reference to Switzerland), from Latin plebiscitum "a decree or resolution of the people," from plebs (genitive plebis) "the common people" (see plebeian (adj.)) + scitum "decree," noun use of neuter past participle of sciscere "to assent, vote for, approve," inchoative of scire "to know" (see science). Used earlier (1530s) in a purely Roman historical context. Related: Plebiscitary.

I had the delightful experience in my youth of very briefly meeting Aaron Copeland following a discussion panel of composers who were also teaching in university. In case you might enjoy it this morning - fanfare for the common man. I'm always struck by the movement opening with 'the regal' and systematically taking the theme apart to its elements. By deconstructing it as he did, Copeland referenced the Taoist 'journey of a thousand miles' by recognizing where our feet are and bringing in the influence of a variety of perspectives. It is, in reality, a very neat, brief philosophical white paper on cognitive notation (in all senses of the word) by using the poetry of music. Though it has become iconic as background music to film scenes of epiphany, its actual musical assertions of method for artistic creative approach remain relegated to the dross of deeply embedded notions of possession in 'manifest destiny'.

To me this is emblematic of our collective product oriented blindness and inversions typified by George Bush et al - 'go shopping'. The cart has been placed before the horse and we are in the process of rightfully unhitching that absurd distortion. We are now 'shopping around' for the true seeds in the Constitution and diverse experiences of humankind and nature for strengthened premises, ideas and methodologies. That labor of love is, to me, in and of itself something to celebrate.

See you in the weavings of the forum threads!
fanfare for the common man


That was stubones49 take on it too - which in turn raised a long stewing sense of indig-nation for me and a tracking (yikes - embarrassingly long) on the theme of seeing where we are and envisioning wresting our liberty from dross and distortions. - in response to his comment.