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From Premature Deaths to Planet-Heating Emissions, Analysis Reveals Costs of Trump's Fossil Fuel Rollbacks


From Premature Deaths to Planet-Heating Emissions, Analysis Reveals Costs of Trump's Fossil Fuel Rollbacks

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new Associated Press analysis shows that while the Trump administration's deregulation of the fossil fuel industry is likely to save oil and gas companies billions of dollars, the cost in terms of human death and suffering as a result of the environmental devastation will be incalculable.



The Change is Coming | Climate Change (2019)



Let’s put a dollar figure on mass planetary starvation. Not everyone will starve, though.



Just think “what if” our medical system wasn’t built on profit but on health. Would doctors stand for this? Since it isn’t just think how many are profiting from this. Makes ya sick, don’t it?



What, me worry! Trump.



We seem to be becoming the fulfillment of the death wish of a dying, ego maniacal, mental case, i.e., “If I cannot rule, or must die, I’ll take the world with me!”
*If we are not really careful, he and his henchmen (and women) might just bring it about.



Listen everyone, “Is there a shooter, I mean doctor in the crowd? We have an emergency, someone (the country) is in need of assistance.”

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After reading Jessica’s article, a 70% tax rate on the polluters isn’t enough.

Let’s go back to 90%.



I thought I was the only really radical on Common Dreams.

Did you have any sniper training in the service?



I’m pretty sure someone will step up to the plate before then, and become a martyr.



Dumbed-down America and language. “Trump is letting his corporate friends”. Non-incorporated private businesses (that do not offer public share-holding) in the U.S. in 2017 included 225 businesses with a combined revenue of $1.57 trillion. The list includes Koch Industries (heard of them?).

You see corporations can be influenced by their shareholders but private companies have no such concerns. (e.g. https://www.greenpeace.org.au/blog/ing-world-bank-axa-leaving-fossil-fuels/). By Americans having all large scale business enterprises referred to as ‘corporations’ could been seen as misdirection and providing a degree of shelter and concealment for businesses such as Koch Industries. (Probably not quite a conspiracy but just part of the general ‘dumb’.)

The misuses of ‘corporation’ also can lead to misunderstanding and more misdirection of such things as for instance Mussolini’s ‘Fascist’ corporatism movement. (Not quite rule by big businesses as it often posited in the U.S. as ‘fascism’.)
May be an informative start on this: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=



Agreed. Start at 95% and compromise from there.



Let’s just say I could hit the side of a barn. Expert with the M-16, Sharpshooter with the M-14.
Every deer hunting season for the three years prior to my stint in the “Green Machine,” I got my buck before 9:00 AM opening morning. Two of those were single shots at a deer in full gallop, in mid air, as he was jumping a fence. Same stump to sit on all three years. One swing and shoot was to the fence on the right of me, the other to the left. Being a lefty, the swing shot to the left was tricky. The same hunting experience followed me after returning home. I gave up hunting because it became boringly easy to get a kill, and I got tired of butchering in the dead of winter in my freezing garage. Even though I have no sniper training, I humbly suggest I really don’t need it.
You might ask all of the garden chomping fur balls residing in bunny heaven.
I go back and forth on the "radical " part. I think it depends on my anger level on any particular day. “Happiness is a warm gun.”



When I used to listen to Janis Joplin sing " Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose," it didn’t ring true in it’s meaning, but it sure does these days of Trump.

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