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From Pushing 'Thoughts and Prayers' to Dissing Medicare for All, DCCC Called Out for Sabotaging Bold Demands


From Pushing 'Thoughts and Prayers' to Dissing Medicare for All, DCCC Called Out for Sabotaging Bold Demands

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressives on Tuesday found new reason for dismay on Tuesday after internal documents revealed efforts by rthe Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to squash support for Medicare for All and a separate attempt to curtail demands for stricter gun controlfollowing the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year.


As if anyone should need further evidence: Please witness the shameless, and shameful, corporate sell-out “leadership” of the Democratic Party.


I don’t feel distress because of the DCC Democratic establishmnet – I feel contempt. Everyone who truly cares about America should NOT support any Democratic candidate who is upheld by special interests, the NRA, lobbyists and individuals who do not care about Americans. The list is long.

It is time we progressives had our day and brought America back to sanity.


DCCC, DLC, No Labels, Correct the Record, Corporate State Democrats.

Enough said.

What a cluckstercluck.


This whole affair smacks of the Clinton/Wasserman-Schultz world view, though it’s obviously broader than that. The untold story here is the naming of names. Who in the Democratic ranks is responsible for this and who buys into it or adheres to its admonitions? Who doesn’t?

I shudder to think that it’s “all” elected Democrats and their party staffers, though I fear that’s the case. Are there any Democrats worth supporting?

I agree with Annie – it’s contemptible, though I feel distress as well.


That is the whole problem, they will not get out of the way!


Inside the beltway is a strange world and does strange things to people. I don’t know if these people are looking at data in specific districts or what. Hopefully they have some strategy to take back the House and it will work but based on this memo I wouldn’t say things look promising. Maybe they got something up their sleeve that nobody knows about. They are running into a gerrymandered headwind so if they don’t pull it off if many not be clear why.


Thank you Julia Conley for this succinct daily weather forecast! Now we know to expect a high pressure system that will work to split political tribalism from progressive populism, that will culminate in a deluge of washed away aspirations. But there’s always geo-engineering!


It is just such a mystery, huh.


It should be pretty damn clear that the DP establishment has ZERO intention to reform or alter their pro big-money sellout status and enough power, corrupt allies and blinded fool backers to prevail!

A third party is therefore needed to accomplish all that must be done…the question is who will lead it and how the American people can coalesce and form the broad coalition needed to smash the failed and utterly corrupt two-party charade?!

ALL established politicians are corrupted by the domination of money over democracy and true representative government! ALL politicians must serve big-money, forced to play the game of what politics has become; a game controlled from giddyup to whoa by wealth and power!

The upcoming mid-terms will be another scam, with the DP sabotaging any candidate who challenges their grip on power! The R’Cons will continue be their obnoxious corrupt “religious” nutter right-wing selves who even more than DINO swine serve wealth, greed and evil…


Once again, the Democratic party shows it’s true colors: extreme, right-wing enablers of Trump and the even more extreme right-wing Republicans. The Democratic Party is actually the enemy of progressives and anyone who supports Economic, Social and Environmental justice.

Democrats are weak, fake, extreme right-wing, neo-Liberal, neo-Conservative, corporate bribe-taking, neo-Nazi Republican collaborators. They’ve betrayed everything and everyone. No wonder they can’t win elections. They stand for shit; and just like the stinking pile of feces that they are, they need to be flushed down the toilet bowl of history.

One of the key reasons that the United Snakes has became a corrupt, neo-Fascist plutocracy is that the so-called progressive opposition, the Democratic party, is nothing of the sort. It’s an equal partner to the Republican party in the creation of a neo-Liberal, neo-Conservative fascist state.

For that reason, trying to reform the Democratic party is a complete waste of time.

I’ve recently joined Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). We’ll see if they remain true to left-wing principles and actions. Or whether they water themselves down and become another Trump-enabling, fake progressive organization.


My representative heads up that group I believe. He is a Democrat that had come up with the idea that a winning strategy is to choose “pro-life” Democratic candidates to run.


This piece just illustrates one of the many reasons why I gave up on these DLC, DNC, DCCC sellouts a long time ago. Clinton’s second term clinched it for me and I never looked back, except for when I fell for Obama’s “Hope and Change” bullshit in 2008. Gore Vidal was right - our duopoly consists of two political groups that are both members of the Property Party. Both of them are responsible for the precipitous decline of the country. The great socialist, Emma Goldman, was also right when she said that “If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal.” If these assholes had any shame they would at least shorten these appalling “election cycles” down a lot and imitate the systems they have in Europe. But that won’t happen because this system panders to the Main $tream Media and their desire to make lots of money off of the spectacle and American’s hunger for the usual bullshit that comprises our campaigns. Let’s face it - the real substance could be covered in a matter of a few months but our presidential races now go on for a more than a year with innumerable overpaid pundits and talking heads gassing on and on about the latest story. Our democracy has been turned into just another crappy reality show and it looks like a lot of Americans barely know the difference.


After the debacle of Nov. 2016 there were bigwigs in the DNC who suggested that the Demos should run more millionaires and billionaires for office! If you can’t beat em then join em, right Democrats? Talk about hopeless sellouts.


Whose country is this anyway. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND UP TO THE DAMN DEMS AND WORK FOR A NEW THIRD PARTY. They care not one whit for the likes of you and me but for their donors. Are you ready for a real revolutio???


please try to wordsmith better! notice the wonders “words” have done to hold solid bases of single issue voters for the gop!
americans in general can accept and support “reform” or “improve” or “expand” - but many flat-out reject “controls” or “restrictions” or “bans”

this post is intended for the author of the article - not kikiki5


i can guarantee that the next several general and mid-term elections will be won by either dems or repugs - no 3rd parties … quit wasting time and energy! it took 40-50 years of careful planning and investment to get us here - ruled by the red-state confederacy supported by an oligarchy … the only real answer is to go local while we still can and take back the democratic party - there is no hope of the gop becoming a party of the people at all, at all. - cheers
"No Short-Attention Span" “Repeal and Replace Republicans”


The Democrat Party is dead.
If you are a progressive, and of course you are, you are here, then know that they have abandoned you.
You should change your party affiliation for one that shares your values.
Join us Greens. The planet you save may be the one you rely on for your very existence.

The Rich are their own party. They own Regressive Republicans and Democrats. The corrupt two party kleptocracy will continue to enrich their masters/owners until they are voted out, or sacrificed on the altar of freedom.
Stop playing along!


dom - there is no democrat party - your meme gives you away - yes, even with horrible candidates like hillary and drumpf - no 3rd party did squat! “Go Local” "Take back the Democratic Party


The corporatist establishment of the democratic party must be primary challenged by those who promise not to take any corporate funding. That’s the only way we can be certain that democrats represent the people, not the donor class.