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From Rage to Reform


From Rage to Reform

LeeAnn Hall

Another city just erupted in rage in response to a police killing.

After a week of peaceful protests following the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, “Charm City” was in flames. The authorities declared a state of emergency and deployed the National Guard.

In less than a year since the killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer, numerous cases of police beatings, shootings, and killings of unarmed civilians — from New York to South Carolina, and from California to Baltimore — have grabbed the public’s attention.


Gray died after having his spine severed while in police custody

Is that really where the damage was done? Clearly that is the story that we shall have to put up with.


Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBoR):-


very good article, thanks braith


Where would you suppose it did happen?


I think it happened very early in the drama. Before Gray was dragged to the van, with his lower body already seeming to be paralyzed. Watch the videos. I realize that the police claim he was fine after that point. I doubt their word.


Oh! Color me stupid! I thought you were sowing doubt over what is clearly manslaughter. I apologize. Yes it is what I think as well. Actually it is pretty darn obvious. Poor kid. Poor every powerless person. Perhaps it might be different after now, since there is always a possibility of a witness recording IMAGES. Powers-that-be have video cameras… well so do we. No trust for the police"? When I was a kid, the policeman was a friend and ally. Now, S/he is a remote being whose motivations I can hope to decipher only through actions. It doesn’t look good on this basis, and I am … afraid. And I am white and in my 60’s; how does it feel if you are young and not white. I remember telling my kids in my skeptical “training”: You wanna be arrested? Be young, male, not white, and run in the street. Damn, it IS true! ! !