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From Rhetoric to Action: Major Media Outlets Refused Entry to White House Briefing


From Rhetoric to Action: Major Media Outlets Refused Entry to White House Briefing

Common Dreams staff

Breaking News... This post will be updated...

Just hours after President Donald Trump launched his latest rhetorical attack on the press in speech at a gathering of right-wing activists on Friday, CNN and other outlets have reportedly been blocked from attending the afternoon press briefing at the White House.

BREAKING: White House blocks news organizations from press briefing https://t.co/I1gnu8toRJ


Flatterers first!!


I guess Trump isn't happy that his lies are being called lies by the press. So the press doing its job is labeled the liberal press and falsely blamed for being corrupt. Maybe Trump read the Idiot's Guide to Establishing a Fascist State. Of course there is no such book and he doesn't read books anyway but he does seem to be following the basic principles that were well worked out in the 1930s. I guess to millions of Americans the federal government has becomes so big and overbearing that even a right wing dictatorship is preferable.Apparently they don't think the role of the federal government is to help people who need the most help but to get out of the way and let whatever happens take its course.


Please tell me what this republican wrecking crew is trying to "conserve"? These people are NOT conservatives. They are out to destroy the government of the United States and deserve to be called what they are -- radical fascists. I sure hope that disaffected Drumpf voters come to their senses, fully addled by the the excesses of the earlier status quo, and help throw these bums out on their collective asses come 2018.


Hair Tweeter can't handle the heat.


Now the White House briefings will consist of propaganda suited for immediate distribution (without any vetting of sources or other investigative measures taken): by Breitbart News, The National Review, Washington Times, New York Post, and Pravda. In addition, prior to briefings, leaflets will be distributed with the questions that will ONLY be allowed during the briefings.

Bannon has spoken and his word is the law. As he said in his recent CPAC rant, they chose the cabinet for the purpose of DESTRUCTION...and the demolition has truly begun. Joseph Goebbels is jumping for joy in Haedes! Bannon has channeled him en toto.

CPAC - Criminals, Prevaricators, Anarchists and Curmudgeons


Good, glad to hear it. About time everyone is held to account.


good. maybe with the loss of their precious access, they might start reporting again. This is the most adversarial I've seen corporate press in many years, and while they're not doing it for the right reasons, it's still progress.
One can only hope this might kickstart a sense of what it is that journalists should be doing for a living again. 'You can't be a stenographer if you're not present to take down notes.


Yeah, coercion and Nazi techniques are acceptable to you?


Yet the WH, the emperor, and his flying monkeys WILL NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE and have mandated the sole distribution of their own FAKE NEWS/PROPAGANDA.

Just redact all parts of the First Amendment relating to free speech/free press....


CNN Prime Time Covers Trump 3X More Than All Others Combined

Interesting twist here given CNN helped propel Trump to the presidency.


OK, I have it confirmed in a NYT alert at 2:41:

But do be aware of the difference between a "gaggle" in Spicer's office and the daily briefing in the Press Room. I remember them from watching "The West Wing." Bad as this is, it has been called out, and it won't be tolerated.


Ah, the memorable days of the French Revolution...


It would be nice if someone would give us a complete list of all the media outlets who were allowed in.

Maybe propaganda outlets like CNN , the NYT, and Politico were uninvited in order to make room for other media organizations? I just hope that Breitbart News, The Washington Times and One America News Network weren't the only media in the room.

Many people now get all their news from the internet. Were TYT and other internet media outlets admitted to the event?


Impeach this evil man now!!!!!!!!!!!!! the press is protect in the constitution.




Perhaps the scions of news like The World, The National Enquirer, TMZ and The Insider will have front row seats.


One thing for sure - this will only encourage more leaks to the press.


This is yet another holy shit moment. I can’t imagine how Trump et al. will last at the helm of this bizarre empire that is the u.s.

Wondering what others think (i.e. how long before he and his ilk are out)

Ultimately with or without Trumpism, climate change will be the great (albeit devastating/horrific)equalizer.

You can’t eat money and you can’t buy a habitable planet. And america was never "great". Human induced climate change/chaos will not spare the 1%----- I don’t care where their f----ing bunkers are, how deep they are and how well stocked they are.

I’m here in N. Wisconsin getting ready to broadcast (not) the world famous (among x-country skiers) Birkebeiner ski race via our wonderful community radio, WOJB. It is cancelled for the second time in it’s history (http://www.startribune.com/lack-of-snow-cancels-birkebeiner-ski-race-for-second-time-in-its-history/414726153/) It rained with thunderstorms last week. Very few birds around any more, trees dying. People are walking around numb. I think a huge % of the population of the world is experiencing trauma (and PTSD) from climate change and this 6th extinction. Collapse of ecosystems is everywhere apparent all around the world.

The life spheres on earth are dying around us while the u.s. narcissist in chief is projectile vomiting (courtesy twitter) toxic venom with actions that are in keeping with the tweets. Truth is truly stranger than fiction . . . . .

I believe this latest move-----blocking media outlets from the briefing----- will have major consequences. Not sure what they will be but buckle up . . . .


Lamestreet media covers Trump constantly but does not explain the actions or how it affects we the people. No analysis, no digging into history and charts that tells us the 1% tax breaks does not create jobs, does not make the economy hum except for their stock is artificially inflated as is the housing market. Foreigner buying blocks of houses driving up costs, hedge funds doing the same thing and driving up values. American dream is gone and has been for or beginning with Reagan. The American Dream is having a job and working hard, owning your own home and being able to educate your children thru college, provide them with diversity of activities and vacation. GONE!! Fathers can't even afford to take their kids to football, basketball and baseball games and surely not the whole family. But who wants to feed the greedy owners of these sports who drain public funds to support these activities.