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From Ritz-Carlton Lobby, Clinton Donors Tell Sanders Backers to Give Up


From Ritz-Carlton Lobby, Clinton Donors Tell Sanders Backers to Give Up

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's big-money donors have something to say to Bernie Sanders' supporters: Go away.


Nothing new here.

Via the media they own, Clinton's big money donors have been telling Sanders' supporters to go away ever since he declared his candidacy more than a year ago.


Gee. I wonder whether Clinton will listen to wealthy donors over Sanders supporters.


From the article: "Now, some of Clinton's biggest donors want them to back off—a message delivered from "the lobby of the Center City Ritz-Carlton,""

So, are these some of the same clowns raising the heat on Common Dreams?
What the hell, why have scruples if they can't be bought off?


This has been sickening. I'm going to spend as much of my time as possible not spent in harness pushing back against the oppressive corrupt corporatists. I've gone Green Party.


I will be so glad when this election is over. What a travesty of justice and all that is decent. There is nothing these sell outs could say that would make me vote for them. The DNC has always known she would be a hard sell, so they fixed the election, that's the only way she could have made it this far.
What this country needs, more than anything, is for the neocon/neoliberal failed policies to die. Voting for her to stop Trump is a joke. She is so conservative it's a waste of time. I won't vote for either so, Jill Stein will have my vote, my work and money. The Dems will never get any vote from me unless they are proven very progressive. There are precious few of them so it won't be hard to decide.
Jill Stein 2016


Being a progressive Democrat is like being a gay Republican. Fight Republicans not Democrats: Jill not Hill!


Lifelong Dem of more than four true blue decades, I changed my party registration a week ago to Green. If there is any justice to be had, the globally corrupt and warmongering Clinton, together with her political/corporate partners in crime, will be fitted for orange jumpsuits. This is the only occasion I see fit for the death penalty. The criminality goes deep.


Dear Clinton Donors -

Ce n'est quand debut, la lutte continu.


Margot Kidder should watch to the following, engrossing, YouTube video discussion, where the U.S. is shown to be irreversibly on course to being a 3rd world, failed state.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - Foreign policy and its impact on the American economy

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts at time 50:32:
"What kind of superpower are you, when after 15 years, you can't defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, when after enormous expenditures destroying Iraq, it's in the hands of the Islamic State, which hates your guts? (chuckles) You're not a superpower, you're a failed, washed-up, third-world banana republic; and, increasingly, that's how the world sees us."


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Fat Chance!

It it sad that in a nation with >330,000,000 these two are all we can come up with.


I don't


I think the whole point is to stay at war, not win them. If they win a war it's over and the money stops flowing. But if they stay at war the gravy train goes on forever and ever and ever ..


If Hillary had won the nomination fair and square, and she, her supporters and the DNC had shown respect for Sanders and his supporters, it would be a lot easier to support Hillary now.

But those are two enormous IFs and neither of them is true.

How can I be expected to vote for a candidate who won the nomination by cheating?

.. regardless the long list of reasons not to support her in the first place ..


Like the sound torrential rain running through your living room!


Thanks for the link. I could not agree more. I cry every day for the devastation "my" nation has wrought. I could not watch the DNC except for the protests.


Yeah, that'll show the powerful, because the Greens have passed so much progressive legislation in recent years. They're quaking in their designer boots, I'm sure of it.

If the Greens, en masse, got into Democratic politics, then we could see some real change, just like the Evangelicals changed the Republican party.


Indeed. Let's see if they ignore us when we get a rolling, total non cooperation going: No rent, move your money out of their banks, don't pay bills, don't cooperate in any form--no work, no school, no using transportation--walk, cycle. This should start in the big cities and those of us in rural areas organize parties to bring in food for them. You can fill the streets too, corporate headquarters etc and fill the jails. This should bring the machine to a halt without a single bullet being fired. Gandhi did it against the mighty British Empire we can do it here and will get the support of the international community.


Welcome to the epic sequel of Gone With the Wind, where the nominee who wants to be president will quote her favorite line time and time again if she becomes the president, "Frankly, Bernie, Elizabeth, and Keith I don't give a damn!"

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary for one reason, as did Keith Ellison when he "made the rounds" pushing allies to vote for Clinton; because she is, in their opinion a better choice over Trump - it's like saying mud taste better than dirt, but neither one has any flavor.

Hillary is toxic, she is covered in green and glows of special interest. The elite have gathered at the Ritz Carlton like a real estate agent from Century 21 to celebrate it's biggest acquisition, democracy.

Surely, Bernie, Elizabeth and Keith have no fantasies about a reformed Hillary Clinton who has suddenly found Jesus and become an ally of democracy. They must be preparing to do battle in the arena as the gladiators of bondage who must face the soldiers of the Roman Empire.

Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving, and for corporate America what is a Clinton presidency? Priceless.

As the corporate pigs dine at the trough of inequity, they yell out from the Verizon to Sanders supporters, "Can you hear me now?"

A President Clinton will deliver more opportunity, for Wall Street. She will indulge us, into an expansion of her war doctrine. She will advocate for more fairness and less scrutiny, of law enforcement officials. she will provide housing and food for the poor, within the private prison system. She will deliver more jobs, overseas. She will implement an environmental policy, for the fossil fuel industry, and won't fracking care what her detractors think.

Hillary Clinton believe in The Art of the Deal, and the deal is done. The Hillary smoke screen that began in Philadelphia on Thursday night will descend onto the White House and transform it into The Wall Street House, which has been built with the use of slaves, the American taxpayer, but we are all well "fed," aren't we?

The spin machine will be hard at work spinning propaganda from its biggest mouthpiece, the corporate news media about why we need all the things we don't need, such as the TPP, and fracking, not to mention war and the expansion of our domestic spy network.

We are being told to "give up," to go home and to accept defeat while Wall Street unfolds its wish list to have imminent domain over all environmental regulations, less financial regulation, more laws and more jails, open ended wars [not that they ever closed], more student debt and higher unemployment. And, the corporate junkies ultimate high, an end to entitlements, but access to the taxpayer money that funds them. And look for a Loretta Lynch or Barrack Obama appointment to the Supreme Court.

Don't worry though, there will be crumbs; either a sustained minimum wage, as it is currently mandated by presidential order, or an increase to $12.00 an hour, and perhaps a small drop in the interest rates of student loans, as well as some changes to the ACA. All of these crummy crumbs will be front page news items like a shinny new quarter in the eyes of a child designed to distract them from all the things you don't want them to have.

Yes, we should surrender our way of life and make way for the oligarchs and the plutocracy because we are worthless and unworthy.

The elite were planning more than access at the Ritz Carlton, they were planning our funeral, writing our obituaries and preparing our eulogies. If terrorism is our enemy, then corporations are terrorist.

We only surrender what we are willing to give up, and keep what we are willing to fight for, so it's up to Americans to decide the fate of its government; or not, should they wish to become exiled into their own land, displaced and wandering, and wondering how America became like Greece, or Syria, or Turkey. Don't think it can't happen? No problem, just give up!