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From Sea To Idiotic Sea: Roy Moore Fails A Pedophile Test


From Sea To Idiotic Sea: Roy Moore Fails A Pedophile Test

Because the inglorious times sure seem to call for Sacha Baron Cohen's brazen Who Is America?, we just got Roy Moore - moron, racist, bigot, sex offender and can you believe former Alabama chief justice and U.S. Senate candidate - extolling Alabama's heritage of equality before setting off a pedophile beeper waved by Israeli honcho Erran Morad. "I've been married 33," he sputtered, because these days the bar for righteous defense can't get any lower.


I have watched all three segments of “Who Is America?” so far. Cohen’s “humor” is both cringe-worthy and bitingly on point. In other words spot on! Watch it ASAP!


Wow, I had never seen this show------------hilarious and yet scary, but probably only for those who are actually doing what the are accused of doing. So… hmmm being married 33 years means a person is not a pedophile -----and also don’t people check credentials for people who want to interview them? Wow, people hoisted on their own petard…conceit can lead to the TRUTH–who knew.


It’s both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Watching a republican moron attack Cohen with his naked buttocks while exclaiming he is going to make him a homosexual speaks terrifying volumes about those who are in power. And, is funny as hell. Cohen makes republicans look like exactly who they are, and it is not a pretty sight. I understand that Bernie Sanders responded to Cohen with “What, are you nuts?”, exposing the glaring difference between republicans and sanity.


This was really good…


Ted Koppel also refused to take the bait and quickly cut him off.


I haven’t laughed this hard for years. Thanks, “Colonel Morad”!


You know what would be really hysterical?!? If Sacha Cohen interviewed some of the Isreali snipers who have recently shot 14 thousand Palestinians more or less non-violently protesting the Gaza border.