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From 'Sea to Shining Sea,' Industrial Ag Fouls America's Waterways


From 'Sea to Shining Sea,' Industrial Ag Fouls America's Waterways

Katherine Paul

A citizen-led group in Nebraska is fighting Costco’s plan to build a huge chicken factory farm operation that residents in nearby cities say would pollute their drinking water.


Under the trump regimes “deregulation” and sabotage of most clean water and air protections the goal is not to protect the public health and safety, but to protect and further greed-drive profits and “growth” above all else, even if it means polluting our own nation and killing our people!! Hey, they are mostly only the poor aren’t they?

A healthy environment? worthless. healthy neighborhoods? means zero. wildlife? not important, no profit involved - except in killing them. marine environment bays and estuaries, the nurseries" of marine fisheries and all those jobs polluted by factory animal operations? not immediate enough profits.

the murder of our Mother earth continues and accelerates under global warming storms and floods…the criminals and evil greedy now control the world…

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
Abe Lincoln and others of good conscience said much the same.

"The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it". – Albert Einstein


As usual, few comments on an environmental topic.

We are royally and truly fucked.


The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico grows bigger every year. We are all to blame, not just farmers. There’s plenty of toxic waste coming down the Mississippi River from homeowners yards also. Everyone needs to kick the chemical habit, from corp. farms to you’re perfect yard. I’ll also add that Universities with agriculture programs need to be forced to revamp their curriculums to include sustainable farming methods. A large % of young people who go into farming, acquire degrees. They need to be taught that there is an alternative to chemicals. This won’t be easy, as most of these universities receive a large portion of funding for these programs from the Petro-Chemical industry. Imagine that.


There is one simple and effective way to stop all this waterway pollution: stop buying and eating animals and their by-products. It is not only the water that becomes undrinkable and poisoned with antibiotics, growth hormones, glyphosate, etc, but those chemicals poison our bodies as well. Have you ever seen so many obese, sick people in your life?
Do some deep research. The latest scientific studies show that we only survive eating animals, but we do not thrive. Eventually, we pay the price. We might call it carnal Karma.


Only in decentralized government can these externalities be paid for.


As one example of agricultural runoff causing issues with the environment, a river in Northern Michigan flows through about 20 miles of industrial farmland, then empties into a small 90 acre lake, then enters into another stream before continuing on to Lake Huron.

I can remember back about 40 years when this lake was a good place for fishing. Now, it has become a weed choked waterhole with very little fish life thanks to the nutrient runoff from farmland adjoining the river and causing this unnatural ecosystem.

Property owners surrounding the lake are frustrated because possible solutions to deal with the weed cleanup will require a long, expensive process to recover the lake. Even then, without abating the problem of farm runoff, any money spent to improve the lake will be an ongoing expense.


Hortense, please ignore my reply to your post. It was supposed to be a standalone comment to the story. No rebuttal to you. Thanx!


Yet some states, Florida and California for sure want to inject raw sewage deep down into the aquifer which is the clean water source. Who can explain this stupidity?


The people who own the corporations and the govt. that created this mess have bought havens in the Southern hemisphere with secure water sources. For instance the Bush family recently purchased 100,000 hectares, a circle 24 miles in diameter, over the Guarani Aquifer in South America, the largest in the world.
The 99% can still counter by opting out. Buy or grow organic and biodynamic. Keep chickens and bees, easy and engaging hobbies. Buy only grass fed meat, dairy and eggs and wild caught salmon, sardines and squid. You and the planet will be healthier. You can celebrate your contribution to a healthy family and planet with a dinner of grass fed steak, organic home grown salad with hard boiled eggs from your own backyard and toast yourself with a biodynamicly grown wine, the best in the world. We can save our environment and enjoy ourselves at the same time. No need to suffer unnecessarily.


Interesting you mentioned this. A story on the local TV news tonight, was about a landfill that wanted permission from the Michigan DEQ to drill a 1200 foot deep disposal well for the leachate liquids in their dump pit. If this is allowed, and there is a problem with the well design, construction, and failure to contain any materials or contaminants, then another environmental disaster will need expensive remediation. If there are issues that arise from this that allow contamination of area drinking water, there would be no inexpensive way to remedy this for people in the area.


Not true if WE do something to make the necessary changes. Eg: Get rid of AG subsidies, cut down on our consumption of beef and dairy, eat only organic and local, and be actively engaged in the decisionns and doings of our county supervisors. Democracy demands action.


At a time when one of the crucial strategies for human survival in the face of climate catastrophe and the larger ecological crisis is to move quickly to small-scale low-meat local networked organic permaculture, and away from large, multi-national corporations, it’s utterly insane for government to be contemplating (er I mean, grinding through the pretense of contemplating while they rubber stamp) the approval of a merger of Monsanto and Bayer. I mean, really, outside the fossil fuel industry, and human and arms trafficking, are there 2 more evil corporations in the world to be putting under 1 roof? Bayer/I.G. Farben’s use of Auschwitz slave labor, Monsanto’s, well, everything… how can anyone possibly excuse this monstrous action?


You won’t feed 8 billion people organic unless you re-constitute capitalism itself–a mighty tall task.

Nonetheless, I wish you luck.


Yeah, you’re probably right. And, as it is, the world has too many people. Removing safe drinking water and breatheable air will, overtime, rectify the overpopulation situation and keep capitalism (a construct) healthy for those few who manage to survive.


Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitlism


Capitalism won’t go down without a fight. And when resources get scare, the fight will turn ugly as hell.

It’s already happening.


So, what’s your point? I’m skeptical that you even have a point!


Dead zones and plastic patches in the Pacific, polluted waterways, declining flying insects and now this:


Alternative to chemicals or alternative to the chemicals that are conventionally used? We use chemicals to increase the yields of production, and with an ever growing population reducing these numbers could create another problem. How exactly are we to support a greater consumption of food, with a lower production of food?