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From Shutting Down a Coal Mine, to the Road Through Paris


From Shutting Down a Coal Mine, to the Road Through Paris

Morten Thaysen

The view is breath-taking and strangely beautiful as we reach the edge of the giant open cast coal mine. The surrounding landscape has turned from fertile cabbage fields to a gaping wound in the ground with no signs of life. In that moment as hundreds of my fellow activists dressed in white boiler suits storm down the slopes towards the giant machines carving out the mine, I know we are achieving something great. We’re shutting down one of the biggest coal mines on Earth.


Bless these folks.

“And daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
Well, I’m sorry my son, but you’re too late in asking
Mister Peabody’s coal train has hauled it away”
–John Prine


The sleeper awakes! People have had enough of a rigged game and cronyism/corruption where money talks and politicians listen.

We all know of civil disobedience but with catastrophic climate change fast approaching something new arises in response to the mega corporate power of fossil fuel industries…

Corporate Disobedience !

Like civil disobedience but it is directed at corporations that are more powerful than some governments and nations. Corporate mega power affects peoples lives and health and our future but it has been treated as if it wasn’t responsible for what it does. A free hand to pollute the world. Times have changed. Survival demands that the fossil fuels industry stop polluting and destroying our future.

Corporate Disobedience is going to be a big part of our future. When corporations are able to wield as much power as they do and literally control (through corruption) governments and regulatory agencies etc. …Civil Disobedience has to become Corporate Disobedience … because that is where the real power is.


Tremendous account and witness, Morten! Your nonviolent direct action is inspiring!

Thank you to CD for this excellent presentation. Yes, I will support the Summer Campaign for CD fundraising.

Best wishes, peace.


Beautiful quote, Wise Owl.


“It is already obvious that the UN climate negotiations in Paris this December (COP21) are not going to do anything to challenge the systemic issues behind climate change. While the world leaders gather to negotiate a new deal for the climate, the diggers in Germany will be unhindered in extracting coal. And when the politicians and the media circus leave Paris, the mine will continue to expand till there is no more coal left.”

Excellent understanding of the NEED to blockade, interfere, organize, support each other, and stand in solidarity with each other and the Earth against the insane ideology of extractivism. Yes we are animals that must consume energy to live, but we are Human animals who have minds that can comprehend reality.

Thanks for the inspiration! We can balance our animality and our humanity, balance our bodies and our minds, balance our unthinking drives and our thoughtful understanding. We can live up to our name: Humus = Earth, Humans = Earthlings.

Our amazing minds gave us the capacity to develop technologies. Our amazing minds also give us the capacity to comprehend systems, and limits. We need the WILL to put our amazing bodies on the line in defense of the living Earth, and in defense of our Humanity.